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29.09.2011 » Neymar: "Cristiano Ronaldo has style, but I'm the handsome one"

Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar poster and wallpaper 2011-2012

Neymar resisted to a dream transfer temptation to Real Madrid or Barcelona this last Summer and remains playing in Santos. The Brazilian has now spoken about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and teased the Portuguese by saying that he has style, but the handsome one is himself.

After rejecting to move to Real Madrid and Barcelona right away, Neymar granted an interview to "XL Semanal" and spoke about the two biggest stars of the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Neymar showed his good humor and decided to tease with Ronaldo, by saying that he has style, but the handsome one is himself. Below you can watch a short highlights video showing Neymar skills and technique:

Neymar playing for Santos while still very young, around 14 or 15 years old

Neymar remains playing in Brazil, for Santos, but his popularity across borders doesn't cease to grow. Being only 19 years old, Neymar height is 1,74m (5 feet, 9 inches) and his weight is around 64kg. That's precisely one point where a few specialists have already noted that he should improve at, before moving to Europe. They outlined that the Brazilian player must become stronger in order to be able to handle a more physical game, since that's what will happen in the Spanish League "La Liga". Neymar keeps being strongly linked with a transfer to Real Madrid in January, or as an alternative scenario, in the Summer of 2012. A partnership between Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar will certainly be something exciting but always unpredictable at the same time.

Neymar playing for Brazil against Scotland and scoring a goal from the penalty kick spot

In his recent interview granted to the Spanish magazine "XL Semanal", Neymar confirmed his admiration for Barcelona's star, Lionel Messi, and assumed the Argentinian is one level above the competition. Neymar: "Messi is a genius, he can't be compared with anyone else. He has a short and fast dribble that simply no one else can match. I try it, but..." said the Brazilian between laughs. Neymar will probably play against Messi later this year, in December, when Santos will dispute the FIFA Club World Cup 2011 with Barcelona, a competition that will be held in Japan this year.

Among many other celebrities who decided to comment Cristiano Ronaldo statements about being "rich, handsome and a great player", Neymar did it, proving he also has a good sense of humor: "Cristiano Ronaldo might have style, but I'm the handsome one", joked the Brazilian, who is also known for being very proud of his looks and fashion style, as well as being vain.

Neymar photo showing his new original haircut and hairstyle

Before finishing the interview, Neymar approached a topic that illustrates one the aspects why he keeps being criticized and regarded as a high-risk transfer to Real Madrid or any other European club: his lack of maturity and typical youngster's arrogance. Nothing that can't be changed, as Neymar himself admits: "Sometimes I make mistakes and that happens with everyone. But I get ashamed when that happens. When I had that incident with Dorival Júnior (Neymar argued with his coach on the field, for not letting him take a penalty kick), I got home later that day and I saw my mother crying. She told me I wasn't her son anymore, because she didn't raise that kind of person. She told me that she wanted me to be "Juninho" again (his nickname at home).", revealed Neymar, showing he also has a humble side.

Neymar dribbling a defender while playing for Santos, in Brazil

Real Madrid next match will be against Espanyol, for La Liga, this Sunday (02/10/2011). You may watch Espanyol vs Real Madrid free stream, in our Football Live Streams section. Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly be a starter. The countdown clock timer, displaying the time left for the next Ronaldo game, is shown on the top right corner of all pages. Besides Real Madrid match, this weekend you can also watch Manchester United vs Norwich online on Saturday, and Sporting Gijon vs Barcelona free streaming, on Sunday, inside our "Live" section.

Espanyol vs Real Madrid kickoff information:
2nd of October, 2011:
21:00 (GMT+1) - London (U.K.), Lisbon (Portugal)
22:00 (GMT+2) - Madrid (Spain)
04:00 (GMT+8) - Beijing (China) [Monday]
12:00 (GMT-8) - Los Angeles (USA)

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Here's vast Neymar photo and picture gallery:

Neymar attempting to make a bycicle kick shot, in Santos

Neymar playing in Brazil vs Argentina and trying to dribble a defender

Neymar talking with Ronaldo (Fenómeno), in a Corinthians vs Santos match

Neymar doing a ugly face when playing for Santos

Neymar celebrating a goal for Santos, with his a baby thumb in his mouth

Neymar running with the ball, trying to get past the defender in a Santos game

Neymar fashion and style, with his hair pulled up with hair gel

Neymar looking tired, puts his tongue out

Neymar in a practice session for the Brazilian Team, with his weird hair

Neymar with Ronaldinho in a practice and training session for Brazil

Neymar braiding long hair and new style, still in Santos

Neymar celebrating a goal, by putting and wearing a mask on his face, costing him a second yellow card and being sent off

Neymar skinny body, in a quick post-match interview, still on the pitch

Neymar with arms wide open wearing Brazil's number 11 shirt

Neymar being fouled and flying in a match for Santos

Neymar talking with Ronaldinho during a Brazilian National Team training session

Neymar finding enough room for shooting between the legs of a defender

Neymar smiling with a short haircut and braids on the back of his hair

Neymar new haircut chopped on the sides and pulled up on the top

Neymar with his unique haircut, talking in a press conference

Neymar being funny and talking to himself while looking at the mirror

Neymar celebrating a goal when still very young at Santos, probably only 11 or 12 years old

Neymar looking happy while running in a match for Santos FC, in Brazil

Neymar with a serious face and showing his special hairstyle and haircut

Neymar poster picture (rendered), in a Brazil jersey

Neymar running and looking behind in a #11 Brazil jersey

Neymar showing his muscles and skinny body, while being shirtless and doing thumbs up

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