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March 24, 2024

Ronaldo's impact on sports betting: From the pitch to the bookmakers

Cristiano Ronaldo the ball owner

Crisitano Ronaldo is one of the greatest football players of all time as he has seemingly accomplished every major honor and broken a variety of previously labelled unbreakable records from a number of the all-time greats.

Throughout his illustrious career that has now seemingly spanned across two full decades of pure dominance at the highest level of professional football, Cristiano Ronaldo has carved a legacy unlike any other talent that the sporting world has ever seen.

His accolades speak for themselves as well as the number of decorated clubs that he has represented which have included the likes of Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and now Saudi league giant Al Nassr from which he is still performing at an unparalleled level at the age of 39.

Whenever the Portuguese superstar makes any sort of a move or breaks another absurd record in the footballing world this can quickly send a number of renowned markets into pure jubilation and endless gossip which even includes the sports betting market.

Ronaldo's impact on the game of football itself and the sports betting sector can be highly influential as his play on the pitch has continuously changed the live odds and outrights which can certainly lead to heavy speculation amongst punters. All good sports betting guides will cover the importance of backing the best players and teams at sensible odds and it would take a brave person to ever bet against Ronaldo.

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Cristiano Ronaldo - A scoring machine in Saudi Arabia:

In what ways does Ronaldo's play heavily impact the betting market?

His overall career statistics and individual/team accomplishments mainly speak for themselves as CR7 is one of the most successful athletes that the sporting world has ever witnessed.

Ronaldo's generational play on the pitch is often the cause for many sports betting guides to continue reminding punters about the risk of betting on any team that he is currently playing for or against.

His goal scoring output is otherworldly for both club and country as he would instantly become a worldwide star during his developmental years in Portugal with his boyhood club Sporting Lisbon, which would eventually earn him a monumental move to English giants Manchester United.

Even before he had hit his peak at the top level (which was arguably during his legendary tenure at Real Madrid), Ronaldo had finished his six-year stint at Old Trafford with a baffling 84 goals in 196 appearances, with his best statistical season coming in the Red Devils double winning campaign where he netted an astounding 31 goals in 34 games.

These kinds of performances at such a prominent level can greatly affect betting markets as many fans may often be very hesitant to wager against the Portuguese starlet as he could very well dominant a game against any opponent that the punter may had previously been in favor of backing.

The same can also apply to the rare occasion that CR7 could potentially have a bad or underwhelming game, which of course is still very rare to this day, as they may feel that Ronaldo's play and consistent excellence could make backing him or his team an easy winning.

The sheer amount of individual dominance across his remarkable career has also affect the bookmakers themselves as they're always pressured to place Ronaldo's name into more obscure potential punts such as an increase in the amount of goals that could be scored in a game or even at the end of the season.

This can also be applied to his team's overall performances, with fans now being able to place outrights based on how many games they are likely to win as well as any titles that are up for grabs.

Figures like these could be near impossible feats for most other athletes to accomplish, yet sports fans are now well aware that Ronaldo is simply in a class of his own and is able to surpass any lofty expectations that are often placed on him during the course of the season...

Cristiano Ronaldo ruling in Saudi Arabia at Al Nassr

What special bets are usually associated with Ronaldo?

Many bookmakers have since adjusted their odds and lines to match Ronaldo's sheer dominance on the pitch with these including several unique goal-scoring exploits such as hattricks, an over or under on the amount of goals that he could reach at the end of the season as well as how many trophies he is likely to win in any given campaign.

These sorts of odds have also showcased the sheer amount of variety that many sportsbooks are seemingly forced to provide in an effort match a player of Ronaldo's caliber that meets the standards for satisfied punters.

No matter where you stand on Ronaldo's status in the game of football or his notoriety as an athlete, there are hardly any other star names who are more recognizable in the sporting scene than the Portuguese sensation who has truly brought a one of a kind impact to both his play on and off the pitch with every passing year.

Cristiano Ronaldo in a training session with the Portuguese National Team

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Portugal is on March 26, against Slovenia. You can watch Slovenia vs Portugal, France vs Chile, Spain vs Brazil, England vs Belgium, Wales vs Poland and France vs Germany, all matches provided from our live soccer game pages.

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Cristiano Ronaldo running with the ball in Al Nassr attack




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