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30.09.2021 » Why is Ronaldo so popular in Arabic countries?

Cristiano Ronaldo winning awards in Dubai

Cristiano Ronaldo has fans in every corner of the world, but there's a particular region where he seems to adored in a unique way. There's something special in the way almost everyone in Arabic countries respects and loves the Portuguese superstar...

Do you why Cristiano Ronaldo is always invited to attend the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai? He is the top international goalscorer of all time and he has a special bond with Arabic countries. Due to his multiple achievements in football, he also won the Player of the Century award at the Globe Soccer Awards in 2020, in a ceremony held in Dubai. Ronaldo is one of the most beloved players in Arab countries. Not too long ago, a prestigious sports publication conducted a survey among 22 Arab countries to choose the greatest player in the world. And, the top-voted player was Ronaldo, the man who went from rags to riches and won many hearts across different continents. Currently, the 5-time Ballon d'Or winner has achieved many milestones, and his fan base is still growing...

Cristiano Ronaldo - Award ceremony in Dubai:

Ronaldo shares a special bond with Arab countries

«Finally I must thank, once again, to the Dubai Royal Family for the respect, friendship, and hospitality that I always receive in wonderful Dubai, and to all the fans that voted for me in such a huge worldwide online voting with over 21 million votes», said Ronaldo at the Globe Soccer Award in 2020, when he was awarded the Best Player of the Century.

Millions of Arab fans consider him the best footballer of the century and have his pictures in their offices and homes.. Well, the same applies to other parts of the world too. Ronaldo started playing football at a very early age and his career has always been something he held in great esteem. Through football, he earned the respect and love from fans...

Ronaldo has also shown his support for the Arab community in multiple occasions. However, this is not the only reason why Arab citizens like him so much. Well, just by knowing some facts about him, you might also adore his traits. There are certainly many things to learn from the man who has overcome every obstacle thrown at him.

Why has Ronaldo gained such respect in the Arab world

Ronaldo has around 350 million followers on Instagram and was ranked the world's highest-paid athlete by Forbes in 2016 and 2017. Ronaldo was the first footballer to earn US $1 billion in his sports career.

Ronaldo is more popular among Arab citizens. Cristiano Ronaldo has always supported Palestine and provided much aid to the country. He has also sent humanitarian aid to Syrian refugee camps in different countries.

Ronaldo has always been sympathetic to the affected Islamic countries and has provided humanitarian aid to many of them. This is the reason why Arab citizens like him so much.

His humanitarian works and, of course, his football skills are the reason why he is very dear to people in the Arab world.

Some unknown facts about Ronaldo

Here we will share some facts that you may not know about the Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo:

Starting from a small island in Portugal, he has completely changed the financial status of his family with his hard work and he is a perfect example of going from rags to riches.

He started washing clothes at eleven and became responsible at a very young age.

Ronaldo has sacrificed so many things throughout his life in order to give his best version to football.

There have been many studies on the unparalleled moves of Cristiano Ronaldo, suggesting that he moves faster than most footballers.

Ronaldo was first paid to join Sporting CP, in Lisbon, when he was only 13 years old.

Did you know Ronaldo was the first footballer from Portugal to join and play for Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo next to Georgina Rodriguez and his son

Betting on Ronaldo's game at Arabic casinos

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Ronaldo's return to Manchester United

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo has reunited with the Premier League and his former club, Manchester United. He made a dazzling return back to where he belongs (in Ronaldo's own words). The last time he appeared for Manchester United was 12 years ago. Now, people showed a warm and overwhelming welcome to one of the greatest players in the history of football.

Did you know Ronaldo has won the English Premier League three times with Manchester United? Now the Portuguese footballer is back again at the English Premier League. When asked about Manchester United, he said that he always had a special place for this club in his heart.

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Cristiano Ronaldo next to Dubai Sheikh

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Manchester United is on October 2, against Everton. You can watch Manchester United vs Everton, Zorya vs AS Roma, Legia vs Leicester City, Celtic vs Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham vs Mura, and Marseille vs Galatasaray, all matches provided from our football streaming game pages.

Man United next game:
Manchester United vs Everton
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Cristiano Ronaldo in Dubai

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