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22.11.2013 » Ronaldo: 'I still don't know if I'll attend the FIFA Ballon d'Or ceremony'

Cristiano Ronaldo next to a kid suffering from Leukemia

After helping Portugal to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil next summer, Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Madrid where he still has 8 games left to play before the end of the year. This past Wednesday, CR7 attended an event together with 3 kids that are fighting leukemia and answered all the questions posed with his usual frontality.

This last Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo has met with a few kids suffering from leukemia and some journalists at a "Radio Cope" show called "El Partido de las 12". The 28-year old forward talked about the whole process of being a bone marrow donor, his expectations for the upcoming FIFA Ballon d'Or award and how happy he feels for being an important part of Real Madrid's project for the future. Among many other topics, Ronaldo has also revealed that it would be a dream to see his own son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. becoming a professional football player when he grows up. Check out the full interview below...

Cristiano Ronaldo - A whole generation hero:

The following questions made to Ronaldo were asked by journalists and the kids suffering from leukemia that were present at the "Radio Cope" studios to attend to this event.

Question: Hello Cristiano! How are you doing? It's true you are living a terrific moment in your career, woudn't you agree?

Ronaldo: Yes, I'm going through a great moment on the personal, club and National Team level. Everything is going on my way...

Question: If you go to Portugal these days, they'll probably won't even let you breath due to their excitement...

Ronaldo: "The Portuguese people are very calm actually. I don't think there would be any problem. We can tell that everyone is very happy with us in Portugal and that's good. However, it's a tough period for Portugal with the economic crisis, just like it is in Spain but it a smaller scale, so it feels great to have given a good reason for our people to smile more, at least during those 2 hours of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal hero

Question: Are you a bone marrow donor?

Ronaldo: "Yes I am, for the past two years already..."

Question: It all started when Carlos Martins son came out to public to announce that his son was suffering from leukemia and needing a bone marrow transplant, isn't that right?

Ronaldo: "Yes, it happened when Carlos Martins was still with us in the Portuguese National Team. He commented with the group that he son was going through a complicated disease and all his teammates immediately wanted to do something to help because we understood how serious the situation was. A lot of people may still think that being a bone marrow donor is a complicated process, but all you have to do is to give blood, which is something that doesn't harm us at all. I've done it a few years ago and if I had to do it again, then I would certainly do it. It doesn't hurt and it's something all of us can do since it can help many people out there, from little kids to grown up adults.

Question: The general public can get frightened and ask themselves 'how will I donate my bone marrow'...

Ronaldo: "That's a perfectly normal situation and I'm here to appeal for everyone to do it, especially here in Spain where millions of people live at and doing it would certainly increase the living chances from those who are suffering from these type of diseases. It really doesn't hurt or cost anything and the person who goes through it will feel better the next day, after knowing that they have done something that can help others.

Cristiano Ronaldo at the Radio Cope studios, in 2013

Question: How many of your Real Madrid teammates have you managed to convince to also be eligible to donate their bone marrow?

Ronaldo: "When we heard about Carlos Martins's son case, we all talked with our teammates and the information I've had is that everyone did it...

Question: When you score a goal, you usually do several gestures and shout "Calma, calma, calma..." ["Calm, calm, calm...]. Why do you do that?

Ronaldo: "It wasn't anything I've planned before. I don't like planning these kind of things. It all started in a game against Barcelona, where everyone in the crowd was already celebrating ahead of time. The gesture was meant to tell people that they should be more calm and patient because the game wasn't over yet, and that I was there feeling capable to still do something to help my club...

Question: Is it true that when you score a goal you say "Yo estoy aqui"? [I am here]

Ronaldo: "I say that in Portuguese. I'm feeling very happy in this club and in the Portuguese National Team and what I want the most is to keep this form until the end of the season."

Cristiano Ronaldo answering questions from kids, on a Spanish radio event

Question: Do you feel wanted and loved by the Real Madrid fans?

Ronaldo: "A lot. This is my 5th season in Real Madrid. At the start, it's hard for anyone to immediately connect with the crowd in the Bernabéu. It's a very special crowd, with a different culture from other countries. However, when you win the Madridistas' heart, everyone will appreciate and reward you for giving everything for that jersey. It's true that I've struggled a bit to understand the crowd on the pitch during the first years, but then I started thinking that perhaps it was me who was wrong about it, because the way they act is just a reflection of who they are, and this is the Spanish culture. On my third and fourth year, I started understanding connecting a lot better with Real Madrid's identity, both on and off the pitch. I now feel 100% happy at the club. I'm really happy with the people from Madrid, both the "madrileños" and the "madridistas". I'm living a dream every time I step onto the Santiago Bernabéu. I can feel how much the fans want to see me playing and that makes me very happy. I want to stay at this club for a very long time and I want to respect my current contract with Real Madrid [ends in 2018], because quite simply, there's no bigger club than this one...

Question: Right now, do you feel you are the biggest idol from the "Madridismo" ?

Ronaldo: "Yes, I feel a great joy from the fans, especially in those moments when I'm outside the stadium. It might be something weird to say, but I feel great when I'm off the pitch socializing with people. On the streets, both the adults and the young kids make me feel I'm very wanted here and they approach me as if I was like any other normal person...

Cristiano Ronaldo hugging a sick kid with leukemia

Question: Doesn't that make you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

Ronaldo: "Usually you say that there is a lot more respect in England than there is here, but it's a different kind of respect in my opinion. It's just different cultures and we just have to get used to that. You have to bring the fans to your side by what you do on the pitch and you have to give everything you got for the club. However and after you do that, you'll always have to keep a high level of professionalism so that people don't forget what you've done for the club. I'm not saying this just thinking about my own case. I appreciate that when others look at me, they see how professional I am and how I'm willing to give everything I have for my club.

Question: Would you like to retire in Madrid?

Ronaldo: "Yes, that's a possibility. I don't think much about the future though, because I rather think about the present. However, when the present is good, when you feel happy where you are and motivated to do your work, then the future doesn't worry you that much. The truth is that in these moments, I feel like I want to end my career here because I'm immensely happy at this club, I love living in Madrid, playing at the best club in the World and I simply can't ask for more than this.

Question: Do you think you have reached a level as a footballer, which you simply can't improve further?

Ronaldo: "In my head, I always think I can get better. My main goal and ambition is to always improve. However, it's natural that we end up reaching a certain level which is very hard to surpass, but I always like to think I'll manage to be better. Right now, I'm feeling very well prepared and it's possible that I'm going through one of the best moments in my football career. I'm at a very high level and I hope to maintain it until the end of my career.

Cristiano Ronaldo laughing out loud, during an interview to a Spanish radio

Question: But do you feel like you are the best football player in the World right now?

Ronaldo: "I think I am and not only this year... I've had to show a very high level of football for the past years and it's no coincidence that I am where I am today. Since I got to Madrid, I've always had to show everyone that they could count on me. But as I said many times in the past, I can't please every single person...

Question: Don't you think you've changed your image a bit and that now you have less people thinking bad things about you?

Ronaldo: "I try not to think much about those things. My focus is always about what I do on the pitch. However, if we're capable of improving off the pitch, then it's also important of course. Perhaps my age and experience now help me seeing things in a different manner. Perhaps I now think differently from what I did 4 years ago and now I don't make certain mistakes... That's just part of my development and I feel I am better prepared these days, so I'm naturally happier than before.

Question: How many hours do you dedicate to training evey day, in order to keep such a good shape?

Ronaldo: "I always try to work and train very well. Therefore, I try to be the most professional I can be in everything I do. It's normal that sometimes things won't go the way we want, but throughout the year I always try to keep my daily routines, regardless of the team we are going to play against. I always prepare myself the same way, may the game be against Osasuna or Barça.

Question: What would go through your mind, if at the best moment of your career, you would get diagnosed with leukemia?

Ronaldo: "It would be a very complicated situation to handle. I've seen it happening with Carlos Martins' son and I've heard your stories, so it's definitely something I just wish to be fortunate that never happens with myself or anyone from my family. A disease of this kind is always something very delicate. I understand the struggles you're going through and to me, you are the real heroes, because to be able to fight against such an adversity must take a lot of strength both physically and psychologically. I really admire people like you and I hope that neither me or any of my family members ever has to go through something like this. I can only hope God to be generous...

Cristiano Ronaldo signing his jersey for a young kid and fan

Question: Would you like your son to become a professional football player?

Ronaldo: "I would be delighted, that's the truth. When he was 2 years old, he loved cars. Now that he's a bit older, he's always obsessed with the football and telling me 'Daddy, daddy, let's go play'. And I simply can't tell him no, because my dream is to watch him playing. He has already been surprising me at such a very young age. The other day he asked me to get him his first football boots with studs. He's already kicking the ball very well, and I can tell you I'm very excited with him!"

Question: If you do end up winning the FIFA Ballon d'Or, would you dedicate it to the kids that are suffering or already suffered from leukemia?

Ronaldo: "I can tell it in front of all of you... If that happens, you're all invited to come to my party!"

Question: You almost never get injured, neither you struggle a lot with physical problems. How do you manage to do it?

Ronaldo: "Thank God I don't get injured that often, but I think these things don't happen by chance. If you train well, then you're less likely to pick up injuries. I dedicate 100% to my football activity. But maybe God is also generous with me on that and helps me keeping away from serious injuries.

Question: Are you planning on attending the FIFA Ballon d'Or ceremony?

Ronaldo: "I don't think a lot about the FIFA Ballon d'Or award. I'm perfectly aware that the ceremony will be hosted in January, but I can't tell you right away if I'll be attending it or not. I will prefer not to say anything on that regard for now, because it doesn't depend only on me. But I'm not obsessed with the Ballon d'Or. Let's wait to see how it's going to roll out...

Cristiano Ronaldo photo with leukemia kids from Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo next match for Real Madrid will be against Almería for the Spanish League 'La Liga', this Saturday (November 23, 2013). You can watch Juventus live stream, Almería vs Real Madrid live, Barcelona vs Granada stream, West Ham vs Chelsea live and Everton vs Liverpool live, all matches provided from our soccer live section.

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Almeria vs Real Madrid
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Cristiano Ronaldo offering his jersey to a sick kid

Cristiano Ronaldo and his son Cristiano Jr, in 2013-2014

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