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»» Karanka: "Ronaldo has to be half dead for him to decide not to play"

Assistant coach Aitor Karanka addressed the media in a press conference held the day prior to the match against Auxerre.

"We will use a solid lineup. We also used men who don't usually make the starting eleven in Amsterdam. There's room for everyone given the number of games we have to play. Frankly, we did rather well against Ajax with men who had played less this season. I'm sure it will be the same tomorrow."

"Real Madrid have never played unimportant games, and they never will. We have a chance to reach the next round with the highest tally of points in Champions League history. There's always a motivation on this team and a Champions League match always offers one. This shirt and crest demand we step up to the challenge. Those at the Bernabeu will have fun tomorrow."

"Every time Benzema and Lass make the lineup shouldn't be regarded as a test for them. Benzema played a great game in Amsterdam. We are delighted with his performances and with the progress he's made since June. Lass has also evolved and improved considerably. He's always played at a high level whenever we've needed him. The only way Cristiano Ronaldo won't want to play will be if he is unable to. He's got to be half dead in order for him to decide not to play."

"It's always special to be on the Real Madrid bench in a Champions League game, but I assume my position. I will try to enjoy it. I've been learning for five months and I've enjoyed working with the coach. One should also enjoy these moments."

"Mourinho's suspension is completely unfair. The Club has said so from the start. It seems he may be right when he says there is a set of rules that applies only to him and another that applies to the rest."



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