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»» Jorge Mendes: "Cristiano Ronaldo will be the best of all time"

Jorge Mendes is pretty sure about something. In his opinion, Cristiano Ronaldo will be seen as the greatest football player of all time in a few years.

The best football agent of the world in 2010 and owner of "Gestifute", Jorge Mendes, said he was convinced that his client Cristiano Ronaldo "will be the best player in football history" and that these days he already surpasses Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona.

In a long interview made to the portuguese newspaper "Expresso", Jorge Mendes talked about his professional path over the last 15 years, where he was responsible for players transfer deals over than 650 million euros, such as Angel Di Maria (Benfica -> Real Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United -> Real Madrid), Pepe (FC Porto -> Real Madrid), Nani (Sporting -> Manchester United), or Anderson (FC Porto -> Manchester United), just to name a few.

The FIFA agent, known by many as the "superagent Mendes" or "shark Mendes", still added that Cristiano Ronaldo "is the best player in the world", due to his speed, amazing technic and great heading skills. When asked if Leo Messi is the current best player in the world, Jorge Mendes was clear: "No, definately not. Messi is one of the greatest, no doubts on that, but the willpower, the personality and the quality of Cristiano, make him different from any other player. Now we combine that with the fact that he's also working with the best football coach in the world of all time."

"The critics will agree with me in future. Cristiano Ronaldo will be seen as the greatest of all time."

Jorge Mendes represents these days around 70 players. His company, "Gestifute", has around 20 people working for him and he's known to rarely grant interviews. A curious fact is that he admits there are days where he spends around 16 hours on the telephone dealing with professional matters. The FIFA agent also noted that, in his opinion, the contracts are not the most important, since the relationship he establishes with the players is based on trust and friendship.


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