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»» Mourinho: "The referee made 13 mistakes in match against Sevilla"

José Mourinho wants someone from the club structure to help defending the team..

"There were 13 serious mistakes by the referee Clos Gómez," Mourinho said while waving a piece of paper with the incidents typed on them.

"I don't feel under pressure when I am doing what I like doing, and I like to coach. I am tired of this. My team needs to be defended. If I say what I think, I will be on the front pages tomorrow and I will be suspended. There is a club and a structure and I want them to defend my team from there."

Mourinho indicated that someone had prepared the list for him (ex-referee Carlos Megía Dávila, who has worked for the club for the past two years) and that he needed others from within the club to take up the issue so that he did not pick up a punishment. He also said he wanted to have a private meeting with president Florentino Perez. "I have a good personal relationship with the club, even though we think differently," he added.

The Portuguese has already served a two-match ban for being sent off in the Copa Del Rey after showing contempt to a referee, and picked up another ban in the Champions League.

He was fined and suspended after allegations that he had engineered deliberate red cards for two of his players in their Champions League match at Ajax last month. Carvalho picked up a second yellow card against Sevilla after 63 minutes when he clashed heads with Alvaro Negredo as they jumped for a high ball. Despite being a man down, Angel Di Maria grabbed a late winner in a scrappy match, which ensured that Real remained two points behind leaders Barcelona going into the winter break.

"The game was forgettable," Mourinho said. "It was too ugly. I wouldn't have paid anything to watch it. At home, I would have put on Eurosport to watch one in Vietnam." brings you the list of the 13 errors/sins made by Clos Gómez:

Here’s the list of the “13 sins.”

1.  Minute 9 – Kondo fouls Di María, it should have been a yellow.  Error.
2.  Minute 14 – Called an offside on Özil.  It wasn’t.  Error.
3.  Minute 20 – Called an offside on Benzema.  It wasn’t.  Error.
4.  Minute 24 – Zokora fouls Khedira, it should have been a yellow.  Error.
5.  Minute 25 – Cristiano fouled, no whistle.  Error.
6.  Minute 34 – Offside of Sevilla that wasn’t called.  Error.
7.  Minute 39 – Özil fouled, no whistle.  Error.
8.  Minute 43 – Called an offside on Di María.  It wasn’t.  Error.
9.  Minute 45 – Only allowed one minute of extra time, when there had been more time lost.  Error.
10.  Minute 47 – Called an offside on Özil.  It wasn’t.  Error.
11.  Minute 64 – Second yellow card for Carvalho for colliding heads with Negredo.  Error.
12.  Minute 69 – Uncalled penalty for action of Escudé on Granero.  Error.
13.  Minute 78 – Yellow card for Özil for wasting time during the substitution.  The time wasting incidents of Sevilla were not punished.  Error.

Cards:  Real Madrid 9, Sevilla 3.

On a side note, the annual Christmas lunch with the board, staff, basketball players, and Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates will be today, and after that, the players will spread out to hospitals throughout the city to hand out presents.


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