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» Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid arrived to China

Cristiano Ronaldo arriving to China

Real Madrid started the last stage of this pre-season preparation and arrived today to China, to play two more friendly matches against Chinese teams Guangzhou Evergrande and Tianjin Teda. Cristiano Ronaldo and his team mates had thousands of Chinese fans awaiting them in the Guangzhou airport, but CR7 was definately the most popular among the fans.

Real Madrid arrived this Sunday to Guangzhou, in China, where they have scheduled two more friendlies, to be played against Chinese teams Guangzhou Evergrande and Tianjin Teda. The Merengues landed in Chinese soil, under strong security measures and the main "target" for the Chinese was unsurprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 is very popular in the Asian continent, and that's not something new, since Ronaldo used to experience this sort of warm welcoming while still playing in Manchester United and visiting Asia in pre-seasons tours, but this time, his presence in China is driving many fans absolutely crazy.

More than a thousand fans were waiting for Real Madrid squad to land in the Guangzhou airport, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow to see the first team pratice. Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid will stay in the Sheraton hotel, in Guangzhou and will have their first training session tomorrow morning. There's still one player missing in Real Madrid squad and that's Angel Di Maria, who just married last Friday and is only expected to join the team later this week.

Real Madrid arriving to Guangzhou, in China

The first match will be played oppose Real Madrid vs Guangzhou Evergrande and will be played this Wednesday, the 3rd of August, around 18:45 (GMT+1). The Chinese team just got promoted to the CSL (Chinese Super League), so they should present a good challenge to Real Madrid. The second match will be played against Tianjin Teda, who were the runner-up in CSL last season and will definately be a hard team to beat as well. This is the third time Real Madrid visit China, after having been there in 2003 and 2005, but it's the first time Cristiano Ronaldo does it while being a Real Madrid player. Watch the Real Madrid China tour promotion video:

Real Madrid already arrived to China as reported. The next match will be played against Guangzhou Evergrande. José Mourinho will probably rotate the team, but Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely be in the starting eleven. You may watch Guangzhou Evergrande vs Real Madrid vs live streams and Cristiano Ronaldo in action, inside the Live Games Streams section. Countdown clock for the game is shown in the top right corner of this site. Below you may check a few photos from CR7 when arriving to China, and not even the police officers are immune to this Cristiano Ronaldo madness, as you see in the last photo:

Cristiano Ronaldo in Guangzhou airport, in China

CR7 arriving with Real Madrid team for the China tour 2011

Real Madrid signing an autograph to a fan from police in Guangzhou, China


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