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» Cristiano Ronaldo: "We all chase a dream and destiny is in our hands"

Cristiano Ronaldo motivational speech against Norway

Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer that skinny 17 years old "debutant" in Sporting Lisbon, or the nervous kid ready to mesmerize Old Trafford. CR7 is now a a mature leader both inside and outside the field and after being named captain for the Portuguese National Team, Cristiano Ronaldo was put in charge for the motivational speech against Norway. CR7: "We all chase a dream and destiny is in our hands"

Most Cristiano Ronaldo fans still remember the days when a young boy "terrorized" defenders in English fields, week after week. A few fans though, might even follow CR7 back in the days when he started his professional career in Sporting Lisbon. However, it was probably under Sir Alex Ferguson orders that Cristiano Ronaldo made the transformation from boy to man and started to mature year after year. Now being 26 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo keeps showing leader qualities and a few minutes before the important match against Norway, CR7 had a sort of Al Pacino moment (from the movie "Any Given Sunday"), and got responsible for giving a motivational speech to his team mates, when still in the locker room.

Cristiano Ronaldo set the tone with an inspirational speech and even though there's still no video from the moment, some Portuguese media sources posted a few photos and reported it. CR7's speech focused on everyone being united towards the same goal and ended with the classic shouting: "Portugal, Portugal, Portugal!"

After requesting for everyone to make a half circle, Cristiano Ronaldo noted the importance of the moment and the objective everyone had in mind: qualifying for the Euro 2012. The two sentences that thrilled ans stirred up Cristiano Ronaldo's teammates were: "We're all here chasing a goal and a dream. We want to win and we have destiny in our own hands!"

Cristiano Ronaldo is now on vacations and should start the pre-season with Real Madrid in July.


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