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» Guti: "Cristiano Ronaldo is a fighter"

Guti Hernández spoke about his past and future in Real Madrid. The Spanish midfielder confessed his admiration for José Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo. Guti says CR7 has to be a true fighter to deal with the hostile treatments he gets everytime he plays outside the Santiago Bernabéu.

The former Real Madrid player, Guti, is now playing for Besiktas but doesn't forget his heart club. The Spanish midfielder, regretted the way how he had to leave Real Madrid through the "small door", and explained the reasons for that to happen. Guti also spoke about the current moment of the "Merengues" and praised Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho work.

Guti: "I decided to leave Real Madrid because the relationship between some of the old players and the club's direction/management were not that great anymore. That situation was getting harder to solve because Real Madrid couldn't win any trophy for several years."

The Spanish midfielder, currently playing in Besiktas alongside with players such as Ricardo Quaresma, Manuel Fernandes, Hugo Almeida or Simão Sabrosa, still hopes that things can be different in future and that both him and Raúl can get a proper goodbye. Guti: "I hope me and Raúl can have a special day in the Santiago Bernabéu, because we had to leave the club through the "small door"."

Guti has no doubts when talking about Cristiano Ronaldo or José Mourinho. The Spanish midfielder regrets not having been coached by the Portuguese. "He's a coach who knows how to communicate to the team in a very motivating way, since he's a very smart and honest man. I believe that ifMourinho wins plenty of titles in his first couple of years in Real Madrid, he'll leave to another club, for a different experience."

Then came the praisings to CR7 and his attitude. Guti: "Cristiano Ronaldo is a fighter. He plays every match outside the Santiago Bernabéu like if he was in a battle, in a personal war. It's not easy. To understand what he goes through every day we have to put ourselves in his shoes."

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