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ยป Christiano Ronaldo or Cristiano Ronaldo? Cristiano Ronaldo of course

An interesting fact I found the other day. The name Christiano Ronaldo has been searched around 888 000 times in Google search engine over the last year. Any ideas why?

Might sound like a non-sense topic, and in fact, it is for most people. But the reason that made me write this article is because of something I noticed through Google special features a few days ago. Over the last year, the name "Christiano Ronaldo" was searched on Google around 888 000 times! Yes, that makes an average of 74 000 monthly queries for Christiano Ronaldo !

We're clearly in the presence of a mistype error, which doesn't seem to slow down as Cristiano Ronaldo popularity grows. Truth is, it doesn't exist any portuguese name as Christiano Ronaldo, and I believe I can say the same about brazilian names. The reason for this awkward error is probably related with the english grammar. A good ammount of fans must be thinking that Christiano is a derivative word from Christ. So far, there's no proof that Cristiano Ronaldo was sent from God, so that must be wrong somehow :)

Another valid reason for the "Christiano Ronaldo" mistyping phenomenon, is the significant ammount of english and american names starting with the name Christian. There are several actors I can throw as example, like Christian Bale, Christian Slater and so on.

So now that we got this straight, let's hope we can see a big drop in Google search engines hits for Christiano Ronaldo even though that's unlikely to happen.




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