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28.10.2011 » Ronaldo promotes a long-term deposit account from BES, in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo in BES financial product advertisement video campaign

We could point many reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo has such a strong presence in marketing campaigns world-wide, and we all certainly agree that one of them are his sponsors. Since 2003, Ronaldo has started a partnership with a Portuguese bank called Banco Espírito Santo (BES), on which CR7 has been promoting several financial investments products.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most wanted celebrities when it comes to choose a popular figure for promoting any kind of product. The banking and financial areas aren't immune to this marketing phenomenon called Cristiano Ronaldo. A Portuguese bank called BES (Banco Espírito Santo), has a on going sponsorship with CR7 since 2003, on which Ronaldo promotes a few of the bank's premium financial investment products. The latest financial product available on the market that came from this partnership, is a long-term deposit account (savings), which has a 3 year maturity and is called: "Conta Rendimento CR" (Yield account CR).

Watch the making of video from "Conta Rendimento CR", a BES financial product promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of one of the latest campaigns launched by BES (Banco Espírito Santo), for their premium 3 years deposit/savings account. This financial product goes by the name of "Conta Rendimento CR" (Yield account CR) and provides an average annual gross rate of 4,83% (for the 3 years period). It pays interests each semester (resulting in a total of 6 payments), and each year it yields a higher rate than the previous one, as a way of encouraging the client to keep the money on the investment for the entire 3 years period. Here's the ladder scheme of this product promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo:

1st year (AGR 3,5%; AIR 2,7475%):
1st semester: 1,75% (AGR); 1,37% (AIR) | 2nd semester 1,75% (AGR); 1,37% (AIR)

2nd year (AGR 4,5%; AIR 2,5325%):
3rd semester: 2,25% (AGR); 1,77% (AIR) | 4th semester 2,25% (AGR); 1,77% (AIR)

3rd year (AGR 6,5%; AIR 5,1025%):
5th semester: 3,25% (AGR); 2,55% (AIR) | 6th semester 3,25% (AGR); 2,55% (AIR)

Average Annual Gross Rate: 4,83% (Before taxes)
Average Annual Interest Rate: 3,794% (After taxes)
Taxes: 21,5%

*AGR = Annual Gross Rate (before taxes)
*AIR = Annual Interest Rate (after taxes)
Learn more about this financial product in BES official website: Cristiano Ronaldo BES (in Portuguese)

Please bear in mind that most of the financial products that are advertised on the TV, newspapers, radio, etc., usually announce their AGR (Annual Gross Rate). This rate isn't deducted from taxes and might mislead investors to make bad decisions. On the scheme we computed above, we made the distinction between the two rates (before and after taxes) for a better understanding of the advantages that this investment promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo offer.

Cristiano Ronaldo stands still during the making of BES promotional video

As you may also notice, there's a clear incentive on keeping the investment yielding for the entire period (3 years), since the last 2 semesters present an annual 5,1% interest rate (after taxes), which is almost twice as more of what the invesment yields on the first 2 semesters (2,75% after taxes). Here's a short example, demonstrating step by step how much one could earn from a 1000€ investment on this financial product sponsored by Cristiano Ronaldo:

Initial investment: 1000€

1st semester: 1000€ * 1,37375% = 13,74€ | 1000€ + 13,74€ = 1013,74€
2nd semester: 1000€ * 1,37375% = 13,74€ | 1013,74€ + 13,74€ = 1027,48€
Total earnings after 1 year: 1000€ + 27,48€ = 1027,48€

3rd semester: 1000 * 1,76625% = 17,67€ | 1027,48€ + 17,67€ = 1045,15€
4th semester: 1000 * 1,76625% = 17,67€ | 1045,15€ + 17,67€ = 1062,82€
Total earnings after 2 years: 1000€ + 27,48€ + 35,34€ = 1062,82€

5th semester: 1000 * 2,55125% = 25,51€ | 1062,82€ + 25,51€ = 1088,33€
6th semester: 1000 * 2,55125% = 25,51€ | 1088,33€ + 25,51€ = 1113,84€
Total earnings after 3 years: 1000€ + 27,48€ + 35,34€ + 51,02€ = 1113,84€

The Annual Interest Rates have been converted for semestral rates

Cristiano Ronaldo sits down with the spotlights turned to him, while he grants an interview in BES commercial (Banco Espírito Santo)

Conclusion: Your 1000€ investment would return a total of 113,84€, and both could be withdrawn after the 3 year period. If the investor decides to withdraw his initial investment at any stage before maturity, he will lose the right to earn any further interests at the agreed rates, but will still have the right to receive the initial ammount, as well as the interests earned so far. Below you can watch a video of Cristiano Ronaldo featuring on the promotional video for this financial product investment:

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Cristiano Ronaldo holding a soccer goal

Cristiano Ronaldo in action during the shooting of BES ad

Cristiano Ronaldo looking to his right side during the advertisement for Banco Espírito Santo

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Cristiano Ronaldo receiving instruction on what to do during the shooting of BES marketing video

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Cristiano Ronaldo laughing during a talk in BES advertisement video shooting

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