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» Real Madrid 2-1 Galatasaray. In the hangover from "El Clasico"

Cristiano Ronaldo sliding tackle against Galatasaray

The "Bernabéu Trophy" will remain at home, after Real Madrid defeated Galatasaray by 2-1. After an early goal by the Turkish side, the Merengues made a "remontada" with goals scored by Sergio Ramos and Benzema. Cristiano Ronaldo started on the bench and only stepped in during the second half. Nuri Sahin and Iker Casillas didn't have the chance to play tonight.

Real Madrid assured the "Bernabéu Trophy" will remain at the club, after dealing with a strong Galatasaray team tonight, that was able to put the Merengues into troubles during the first half, despite having lost to Madrid by 2-1. Cristiano Ronaldo didn't start the match in the lineup, but would join the game later on, during the second half. In the other hand, one of the most awaited debuts in the Santiago Bernabéu, was Nuri Sahin, but the German player will have to wait a few more weeks because he's still recovering from his injury and therefore, didn't have the opportunity to play on this match.

Cristiano Ronaldo photos in Real Madrid vs Galatasaray
Watch Real Madrid vs Galatasaray goals and highlights:

In a friendly game where there wasn't much at stake, Real Madrid clearly lacked the motivation to put on a good show. Galatasaray started better and managed to take the lead right on the 11th minute of the game, with a goal scored by Selcuk Inan. The game had a few intensity peaks, but everyone was aware that there wasn't the need to risk their condition, in a friendly game as this was. However, the "Blancos" got to the 1-1 draw, around the 33th minute, after a Xabi Alonso cross to Sergio Ramos, who scored and beat the Uruguayan goalkeeper, Fernando Muslera. The game wouldn't have much more incidences and the winning goal would appear only in the second half, with Cristiano Ronaldo already on the field and another great assist by Xabi Alonso, who put Benzema right in front of the goal, to make it 2-1.

Cristiano Ronaldo running against Galatasaray

Cristiano Ronaldo played almost the entire 2nd half, but the Portuguese, as many other players involved in tonight's match, was also worried about not pushing too much and risk any untimely injury. CR7 still had the chance to attempt to score a goal for several times, but Fernando Muslera proved why he is regarded one of the best goalkeepers in the World at the moment and stopped all Ronaldo's shots.

Cristiano Ronaldo unhappy on the bench

The game was also useful for Mourinho to allow some young players from the "Cantera" to make their debuts for the team, but one of the most curious and mysterious facts, happened with Mourinho choosing Adán to play as a starter, relegating the captain Casillas to the bench. A few journalists immediatly speculated that this could have been a punishment due to the fact that Casillas made a phone call to Xavi and Puyol after the last "Clasico" between Real Madrid and Barcelona, in an attempt to calm tempers. However, José Mourinho himself commented on that topic after the match and said that it wasn't true at all. The Portuguese coach explained that the reason why Adán played and Casillas didn't, was simply because these kind of games are the best opportunity for such young players to get some minutes on the pitch.

Real Madrid celebrating the Santiago Bernabéu trophy

José Mourinho: "Casillas can talk with whoever he wants on the telephone and he doesn't have to tell me anything about it. Adán has to play because he needs to have minutes on the pitch to keep developing and today was a perfect match for that purpose. He even made a great stop close to the end, that allowed us to take this win and the trophy. Before I arrived to Madrid, he never had played a single minute in the first team."

Nuri Sahin in the other hand, didn't play tonight because he's still recovering from an injury he picked in the first week of practices. Mourinho: "Nuri Sahin is getting better slowly, but he's already in the last stage of this recovery, so he'll come back soon. He'll certainly be a player that will please a lot the "Madridismo". It was a pitty that we couldn't see him playing tonight yet."

Cristiano Ronaldo drinking a Powerade

Real Madrid lineup vs Galatasaray:
Adán; Sergio Ramos, Pepe (Carvalho, 46'), Varane (Raúl Albiol, 46'), Marcelo (Mendes, 84'); Xabi Alonso (Nacho, 89'), Fábio Coentrão (Morata, 76'), Kaká (Özil, 46' (Mandi, 89')); Di María (Álex Fernández, 66'), Callejón (Cristiano Ronaldo, 46') and Higuaín (Benzema, 46').

Cristiano Ronaldo highlights in Real Madrid vs Galatasaray:

After Real Madrid beat Galatasaray, the next scheduled game is still unknown. The reason for this to happen regards the Spanish Football Players Association strike, which keeps preventing "La Liga" from starting. Everyone is still waiting for an agreement between AFE and "La Liga", and there is no certain at all yet, if there will be any game in the next weekend. The next scheduled fixture for Real Madrid should be an away match against Real Zaragoza, in the 28th of August (Sunday). If this game isn't delayed again because of the mentioned strike, you will be able to watch the match Real Zaragoza vs Real Madrid live streams, inside the Live Games Streams section.

Real Zaragoza vs Real Madrid kickoff information:
Real Zaragoza vs Real Madrid: 28th of August, 2011 (Sunday):
Unknown (GMT+1) - London (U.K.), Lisbon (Portugal)
Unknown (GMT+2) - Madrid (Spain)
Unknown (GMT+8) - Beijing (China), (Monday)
Unknown (GMT-8) - Los Angeles (USA)


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