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June 25, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo's influence in Portugal's Euro 2024 campaign

Cristiano Ronaldo the leader of the Portugues National Team

When Ronaldo was dropped from the Portugal team during the 2022 World Cup and Gonçalo Ramos, his replacement, scored a stunning hat-trick, many believed the end of Ronaldo's illustrious international career was imminent. At the same time, Ronaldo was already preparing for a move to Saudi Arabia, further fueling speculation about his future with Portugal...

Despite the doubters, Roberto Martinez, the new Portugal manager, saw continued potential in Ronaldo and envisioned a crucial role for him in the squad. At 39 years old, the legendary forward proved his worth during the qualifiers by scoring an impressive ten goals, demonstrating that he still possessed his goal-scoring prowess. Although he has yet to score a goal at Euro 2024, his selflessness was evident when he chose to pass to Bruno Fernandes, leading to an assist that marked his seventh in European Championship matches. This achievement places him at the top of the assist charts since records began in 1968. Ronaldo is often viewed as a soloist, occasionally displaying frustration when the ball doesn't reach him. However, surrounded by talented teammates, he has shown his adaptability and team spirit. In Portugal's commanding 3-0 victory over Turkey, he shone brightly with the creative support of Fernandes and Bernardo Silva. The team also benefited from the pace on the wings and quality play in deep midfield positions, showcasing the squad's depth and versatility.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Comments ahead of EURO 2024:

Portugal's hopes to win the EURO 2024

Betting markets have taken notice of Portugal's strong performance and Ronaldo's influence, reflecting a positive outlook for the team in Euro 2024. Many euro betting enthusiasts are placing their wagers on Portugal not only to advance far in the tournament but also to potentially win it all. Ronaldo's proven track record and the team's overall depth have made them a favorite among those looking to place strategic bets. The odds are also favorable for Ronaldo's individual achievements, with many betting on him to score key goals or provide crucial assists as the tournament progresses.

Reflecting on his two-decade-long international career, it is remarkable to consider Ronaldo's journey. Twenty years ago, he made his first appearance in the Euros, which ended in a heartbreaking loss to Greece on home soil. Eight years later, despite being sidelined by injury, he celebrated Portugal's triumphant victory in France. Now, as another special moment appears on the horizon, Ronaldo's enduring legacy continues to inspire fans and teammates alike.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the tunnel entrance in his EURO 2024 debut

How Ronaldo will impact the team moving forward...

In addition to his on-field contributions, Ronaldo's influence extends beyond the pitch. His work ethic, dedication, and professionalism set a benchmark for younger players. Ronaldo's training routines, strict diet, and relentless pursuit of excellence are often cited as key factors in his longevity and sustained performance. This commitment has not only prolonged his career but has also elevated the standards within the Portugal squad.

Furthermore, Ronaldo's role as a mentor cannot be understated. Young players look up to him, and his presence in the locker room provides invaluable experience and leadership. His ability to motivate and guide his teammates, especially during high-pressure situations, has been crucial for Portugal. This leadership was on full display during their Euro 2024 qualifiers, where Ronaldo's encouragement and tactical insights helped the team navigate challenging matches.

As Portugal advances in Euro 2024, the possibility of another historic moment for Ronaldo and his team looms large. The synergy between seasoned veterans like Ronaldo and emerging talents creates a dynamic and formidable squad. With Roberto Martinez at the helm, the strategic utilization of Ronaldo's skills and experience could be the key to unlocking Portugal's full potential and securing another memorable triumph on the European stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo shows his belief to the fans

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Portugal is on June 26, against Georgia for the EURO 2024. You can watch Georgia vs Portugal, Denmark vs Serbia, Netherlands vs Austria, England vs Slovenia, Ukraine vs Belgium and France vs Poland, all matches provided from our streaming football game pages.

Portugal next game:
Georgia vs Portugal
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Cristiano Ronalddo facial expression ahead of his first game at the EURO 2024




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