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March 15, 2024

A superstar's pastime – Cristiano Ronaldo and his favourite hobbies

Cristiano Ronaldo with Georgina and their family

Being an all-time great athlete is a titanic task, but remaining at the top of your game for the better part of two decades is just as impressive. Ascending to the top of the football pyramid and remaining there for years on end requires a level of dedication that we rarely see from anyone, let alone athletes.

Dedication is one of the main things that make Cristiano Ronaldo the icon of both football and sports that he is. His unmatched combination of technical abilities, athleticism, and pure willpower are what make him such a fantastic player. He is one of the very few sportspeople who actually developed to the full of his potential. Taking advantage of your talents requires hard work. And, as far as we know, no athlete works harder than him. However, it's easy to look at his indomitable will and relentless competitiveness and forget that he's human. The man we know as Cristiano Ronaldo is just as fascinating of a man as he is an athlete. Which is why we will look at his hobbies, too. Despite the fact that he is relatively private about his life (except for his social media posts), we know a thing or two about his hobbies. Let's dive in!

Cristiano Ronaldo - Car collection:

Maintaining His Physical Condition

Wasn't it quite easy to expect that we would begin with something related to his fitness? Cristiano's physique attests to his dedication to maintaining his condition. Being an athlete who competes at the highest competitive levels requires a lot of work on one's body.

Despite the fact that keeping fit is a necessity for a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, no human would have his level of athletic longevity if he didn't enjoy taking care of themselves. As such, we're sure that doing physical training is one of his favourite off-pitch activities. It also fundamentally aids his career.

Spending Time With His Family

From what we've seen on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo is a devoted family man. Some people start families out of fear of loneliness or to have someone to rely on at later stages in life. By all accounts, Cristiano also enjoys his family as dear people to him, not just as cogs in the machine that is his life.

Whether it's attending events with his partner Georgina or going on various trips with the entirety of his family, you can see that he really loves them. Someone of his fame certainly faces tremendous amounts of pressure. What better way to enjoy some support and relaxation than from family members?

We don't know much about the rest of his personal life. But, by many accounts, many former teammates respect him. It's just that he prefers his family over everything.

Cristiano Ronaldo being treated by multiple doctors

Watching and Playing Other Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo was seen at numerous sporting events that go beyond the realm of football. Since it's much easier for one of the world's biggest football stars to understand the implications and requirements of being a professional athlete, it's no wonder that he admires other sportspeople as well.

Cristiano has been seen dabbling in cycling as well, but also seen playing casually with his basketball equivalent – LeBron James. He appears to be quite a big fan of baseball, even though the sport is not really popular in his native Portugal (or Europe).

One of Cristiano Ronaldo's most interesting passions is gambling. We're not talking about going for casual, online gambling with some no deposit bonus attached, but about high-stakes poker. Many consider poker to be a hybrid sport of strategy and luck.

It's no wonder that someone as competitive as Cristiano would have an interest in poker. His famous 1-on-1 with actor Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad fame) is still a memorable crossover in pop culture!


One of Cristiano's talents deserves the tons of money he received throughout his career, and he still receives it. Whether it's his wages or his endorsements and sponsorships, Ronaldo has placed near the top of every list of the highest-paid athletes.

Apart from building generational wealth for his family, he has plenty of things to invest in. Enjoying life is just as important as making money, and cars appear to be one of Cristiano's favourite things to splurge money on.

He has tens of cars that he collects, each representing the pinnacle of luxury and performance that a specific car brand provides. It's no wonder that his cars range from Rolls-Royce to Lamborghini and Aston Martin.


To conclude, it's easy to see someone like Cristiano in a defied light, but he's just as human as us. His talents, dedication, hard work, and perseverance made him so successful, and we can only be grateful for his contributions to sports. As such, a lesson we can take from Cristiano's hobbies and overall life is that everything needs to be in balance. To replicate that, have a balanced approach and responsible approach in everything you do, including gambling!

Cristiano Ronaldo bought the most expensive car in history

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