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November 27, 2023

One of a kind: Ronaldo broke the Premier League mould at Man Utd

Cristiano Ronaldo kissing the Premier League trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best footballer ever. Currently banging goals in for Al Nassr, the Portuguese superstar already shone in Europe’s biggest leagues...

Cristiano Ronaldo made a huge impact on world football and not even his detractors can argue against such a cliam. However, he also managed to change the English game in a way that, at one time, wouldn't have been believed possible. It's not inconceivable that he could end his career with more than 1000 goals in all competitions. Not bad for a winger. But much of his success comes down to the fact he was given freedom...

Cristiano Ronaldo - Shaking off the Premier League:

Ronaldo the trendsetter

Sir Alex Ferguson had such faith in Ronaldo that he gave him license to roam; a move that paid dividends.

Ronaldo is not your classic winger. But neither is he an archetypal centre forward. His main attributes are speed, strength and power. But he's also scored plenty of goals with his head or by finding positions in the penalty area.

He's the complete forward. It was Ronaldo who first showed teams can win the Premier League without a traditional number 9. This approach has subsequently seen other teams find success without a recognised striker.

In 2021, after failing to sign Harry Kane, Manchester City won the league with no central striker. Likewise, Arsenal rose through the league in recent years without one. Ange Postecoglou's exciting Tottenham team shows fluidity reminiscent of the Rooney-Ronaldo partnership. Any of those three could end up being the bet of the day when it comes to this season's Premier League winners.

Ronaldo's raw talent

When he joined Manchester United, Ronaldo was very raw. But he had bags of pace and the confidence to run at players. During his early days in a Manchester United shirt, he showed ability but lacked an end product.

He frustrated his teammates, often continuing to dribble instead of passing or shooting. But there was no doubt he had the speed, skill and self-belief to become a star. All he needed was a chance to be centre stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo in his glorious days at Man United

Winning the league without a recognised striker

Ronaldo's breakthrough at United came after Ruud van Nistelrooy moved to Real Madrid in 2006. The Dutch striker had grown frustrated by the lack of service from Ronaldo and decided it was time to move on.

The new United forward line of Ronaldo and Rooney was blessed with natural talent. But it lacked the recognised centre forward that remained a staple of the English game at the time.

With freedom to play fluidly, both players excelled. Ronaldo's confidence grew even more. He began to shoot from range more frequently and find the net from outside the box. He had filled out physically and added strength to his game, becoming one of the most feared players in the game. Soon he was the main man in a team that was filled with stars and went on to win three consecutive titles.

He's since taken his unique attacking style to Real Madrid, Juventus and Al Nassr. He has also performed at the highest level for Portugal, leading his country to success in the 2016 Euros. Everywhere he has gone, Ronaldo has scored goals and brought success in the way that only he can.

Cristiano Ronaldo goes down byt gets back up fast

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Al Nassr is on December 1 for the Saudi Pro League, against Al Hilal. You can watch Al Hilal vs Al Nassr, Lazio vs Celtic, Barcelona vs FC Porto, Man City vs RB Leipzig, Paris-Saint Germain vs Newcastle and AC Milan vs Borussia Dortmund, all matches provided from our live streams game pages.

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Cristiano Ronaldo dealing with frustration in the Premier League




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