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September 5, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo and gambling: How to relax in football elite?

Cristiano Ronaldo giving attention to fans in elite football

Elite football demands peak physical and mental condition. Proper rest aids in recovery, reduces injury risk, and enhances performance. Cristiano Ronaldo exemplifies this, often prioritizing rest and recovery as crucial to his longevity and sustained brilliance on the pitch...

Some norms of behavior do not allow you to vent your stress on others. Since childhood, people have been told about education, saying that a well-mannered person will not respond to rudeness with rudeness and that you can not show your bad mood to others. This, of course, is correct because no one wants to be in the place of a person who fell under the hot hand of another.

Experts from all over the world advise you to find an activity that will help eliminate accumulated negative emotions and relax. According to statistics, the most popular ways to relax are reading books and sports. But what to do if reading does not attract you and unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, you are already tired of sports?

In this case, you should look for something of your own. It can be a hobby that causes positive emotions or a simple game. So, for example, today is an excellent way to relax gambling. The best foreign online casinos welcome open the pages of their sites, inviting you to immerse yourself in the virtual world and forget about all the bad things.

Playing machines is entertainment and nothing more. From the point of view of the bulk of visitors to online casinos, so it is. However, some moments allow us to talk about the positive impact of the gaming process in New Zealand casino sites on the overall emotional state of a person.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Dribbling King:

What do psychologists have to say?

Psychologists are convinced that game activity is an excellent stress reliever. While playing a game, there is a disconnection from the real world with its problems and experiences, and a person as if letting go of the situation. This is something that has allowed Ronaldo to maintain his focus, at the same time it also helped him improving his skills, year after year.

Here, we should remember that any game is created so that a person must come to victory. Victory always causes positive emotions; the game process allows you to distract from real problems and experience positive emotions. This helps to reset the brain; the situation released for a while is seen in a different light, and new ways of solving the problem appear.

Psychologists are not against gambling if everything is in moderation. Especially since those, unlike the others, can also bring material benefits. However, it is with this point should be careful: we must remember that money is not an end in itself, just a pleasant bonus. And chasing profit just through gambling is a bad idea; do not even check.

Cristiano Ronaldo relaxing in the pool

Does Ronaldo gamble in casinos?

When PokerStars signed Cristiano Ronaldo, many asked, "When will he play poker with such a busy schedule?". Indeed, the world football star's schedule has no "windows". Nevertheless, Ronaldo is often spotted at Crown Casino (Melbourne, Australia) playing poker. The friendly company of Cristiano comprises players from AS Roma, Inter and Manchester City.

In addition, Ronaldo often visits casinos with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. We can conclude that gambling can also become a joint hobby for couples. The main thing is to take an example from our idols and always take a responsible approach to the game...

Cristiano Ronaldo relaxing on the beach

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Portugal is on September 8 for the EURO Qualifiers, against Slovakia. You can watch Slovakia vs Portugal, Argentina vs Ecuador, Georgia vs Spain, Ukraine vs England, France vs Ireland and Netherlands vs Greece, all matches provided from our soccer streaming game pages.

Portugal next game:
Slovakia vs Portugal
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Cristiano Ronaldo relaxing reading a book




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