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July 6, 2023

The day Ronaldo shocked Swedish football

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ibrahimovic Sweden vs Portugal in 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo has collected many memorable games and hat-tricks throughout his long career, however, there was one in particular that fans will never forget. His hat-trick against Sweden in a World Cup playoff in 2013...

In a thrilling World Cup qualifying play-off second leg, Cristiano Ronaldo carried Portugal to victory against Sweden. On November 19, 2013, the Portuguese international celebrated one of his most memorable career hat-tricks during the FIFA 2014 World Cup playoff football match at Friends Arena, outside Stockholm. How he did this really shocked Swedish football. The legend has an incredible, extraordinary talent most football fans had never seen before...

Cristiano Ronaldo - Sweden vs Portugal (WC 2013 Playoff):

Portugal started cautiously

The match started cautiously, with Portugal just satisfied to maintain their advantage and control the pace of the game. Sweden, on the other hand, had to work hard to maintain possession while trying to force Portugal to make some mistakes. Zlatan Ibrahimović had to dive deep to get into possession. The first half went on and Portugal gained confidence. Cristiano Ronaldo had many scoring chances but failed to take advantage.

The Ronaldo and Ibrahimović showdown

Not long enough into the second half, Ronaldo put an end to a situation that could not move. He calmly slipped a perfect through ball past the Swedish goalkeeper. This placed Portugal in 2-0 lead, making Sweden in desperate need of three goals to advance.

Ibrahimović, in turn of events, gave the Swedish supporters new hope in an attempt for a comeback. With a stunning low free kick from the edge, Ibrahimović put Sweden a very tiny distance away from qualification, reigniting the hope among Swedish fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a goal vs Sweden in 2013

Redeeming Ronaldo

It was Sweden's dream to win this match, but Ronaldo had other plans. He took advantage of Hugo Almeidas' through ball and shot the ball low using his left foot into the goal. A few moments later, he finished his hat trick like an expert while outsmarting defenders and further crushing Sweden's dream.

With the final whistle, Ronaldo cemented the victory for Portugal with a 3-2 score, giving them a 4-2 overall win. Ronaldo's exceptional performance and hat trick were nothing short of remarkable. These scenes left the audience on the edge of their seats. Every football enthusiast will surely remember Ronaldo's overall impact on the game and the display of his talent to the world.

The Hat-trick to victory

Spectators always eagerly await for some magical moments. But something they didn't expect happened — Ronaldo's hat trick. As the Friends Arena got lively for the match, football fans had no idea that they were about to witness an extraordinary display of skill.

Ronaldo, who is always hungry for goals, finds himself in an advantageous position again and again. As the game heats up, Ronaldo holds onto his dreams. CR7, as he is fondly called, was waiting for that one final act that will defy boundaries. He released a shot and the ball soared through the air in a way that goalkeepers couldn't stop. It was a strike of pure perfection. For sure, the remarkable hat trick goes down as one of the most notable moments in football history.

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Cristiano Ronaldo completes his hat-trick in Sweden vs Portugal in 2013

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Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo touching hands before international clash




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