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May 4, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo's finest career moments

Cristiano Ronaldo receiving awards

After having won so many titles and having broken so many records in the history of this sport, Ronaldo has definitely collected multiple highlights throughout his career...

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is popular for having one of the best career records in footballing history. Throughout his football career, Cristiano has recorded five Ballon d'Or awards, four FIFA Club World Cup titles, and several UEFA Champions Leagues awards. His determination in the football arena has made him among the world’s most acclaimed players and he's still making waves in sports news. In recent times, the Portuguese forward joined Saudi Arabia club Al Nassr after reaching an agreement to play for the team from January 2023. Reportedly, Ronaldo received the highest salary in the history of football, earning 200 million euros annually. That includes a guaranteed annual football salary of 90 million euros and commercial sponsorship deals totaling over 110 million euros. However, Cristiano is expected to return to Real Madrid following his disappointing spell in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we'll focus on Cristiano Ronaldo's greatest career moments starting from his first trophy to Champion League wins.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Remember those times?:

When Cristiano Ronaldo won his first trophy

At only 18 years, Cristiano Ronaldo impressed Sir Alex Ferguson during a game between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United. The Portuguese forward was given a spot in Manchester United's squad and the results weren't disappointing.

Since then, Cristiano has remained a fan favorite, with many punters betting on him through the Betway app or online platform. Even when the team didn’t have any trophy-filled season, they managed to walk away with the FA Cup, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo's header. That was the first major trophy that Cristiano Ronaldo won in his career.

When Cristiano joined Real Madrid

Cristiano's success at Manchester United gave him many great opportunities early in his career. Ronaldo managed to fulfill his childhood dream of playing for the highly popular team Real Madrid, a move that proved to be a real career maker for him.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo had already made a name for himself as a skilled player, the move came at a record-breaking price of £80 million. Following his monumental transfer, Cristiano became the first Real Madrid player to score in all his first four league matches and thanks to Capcut, the most popular free video editor online, it's now easy to watch every single one of those goals on YouTube or other similar video platforms.

Cristiano Ronaldo leads Portugal to EURO 2016 win

Cristiano's fifth Ballon d'Or title

The Ballon d’Or is among the most coveted annual football awards given to the best footballers of all time. Fortunately, Betway punters have the chance to get in on the action by wagering on who will walk away with the trophy. Cristiano Ronaldo claimed his first Ballon d'Or trophy during the 2008/2009 season while still with Manchester United. He also went ahead to record four more Ballon d'Or titles in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017.

Cristiano becomes Real Madrid's top scorer

The top scorer's award is given to the most talented players on the team, mostly players who have been with the team for a significant part of their careers. However, that wasn't the case for Cristiano Ronaldo, who managed to win the accolade in just seven seasons with Real Madrid. Cristiano managed to take over Raul who had scored 323 goals after 741 matches in 16 years with Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo star player at Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Al Nassr for the Saudi Pro League is on May 8, against Al Khaleej. You can watch Al Nassr vs Al Khaleej, Tottenham vs Crystal Palace, AC Milan vs Lazio, Brighton vs Manchester United, Bournemouth vs Chelsea and Liverpool vs Brentford, all matches provided from our live football game pages.

Al Nassr next game:
Al Nassr vs Al Khaleej
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Cristiano Ronaldo happy at a press conference for Al Nassr




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