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November 28, 2022

How to remain a top player at 37: Cristiano Ronaldo secrets

Cristiano Ronaldo happy with his game at the World Cup 2022

It takes serious determination and discipline to reach the top, but it's even harder to stay there for as long as Ronaldo has been. At the age of 37, the Portuguese superstar is still one of the best players in the world and he already shared several tips for younger generations to follow...

Cristiano Ronaldo is rated by many football experts as the best footballer in the world, which immediately converts him into an icon for millions of people: his work, life, and family constantly raise interest from the public. Nevertheless, one of the main reasons why people are always excited to know more about Ronaldo, is to discover the secrets to his success in both sports and other spheres. It might be surprising, but the Portuguese footballer, now aged 37, gladly shared his experiences throughout his career, allowing us to collect and select his crucial routine habits and best practices.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Skills and goals:

Football is his life!

It's not a secret that Cristiano really loves football like almost no other thing in his life. The Portuguese player is known for training roughly 10-12 hours a day since his early childhood, which is a proof of his perseverance and desire to achieve the best result as his main success factor. The athlete is confident that everyone can succeed by setting the right goal.

Moreover, Ronaldo always dreamed of being the best of the best, confidently walking toward his main aim. He once said that receiving as many titles as possible is his main lifelong goal. The athlete cannot imagine himself without football, aiming to remain in history in line with his icons, including Maradona and Pelé. We are confident that he's already there at this stage, but the truth is that there is no top for Cristianoand he will constantly try to achieve more...

He never stops working!

No timeoff is one of the golden rules that Ronaldo has in his book. Despite the weather outside the window and his health condition, Ronaldo never misses training. Even when he won the Ballon d'Or, he probably went to the gym the day after. There are no excuses and determination is the main factor for an athlete's success. However and like many of us, he definitely enjoys relaxing as well and he does that when he plays some casino games, go to the cinema with his children, or just lay on the sofa doing nothing. However, this is not the life choice Cristiano likes the most, since he's always looking to become the better version of himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates Portugal win with fans

He is very self-confident

Ronaldo knows that even greater success is ahead of him. He has undoubtedly achieved a lot, but he just not allows himself to stop now. The Portuguese player strongly believes in himself, and we bet that due to his strong mentality, he will always playi for the best clubs in the world and he will continue breaking new records in the years to come. Those who had the chance to communicate with him said they had never met such a self-confident person before.

Cristiano is passionate about scoring goals

Football is a team game and Ronaldo is perfect in this role as he always supports his teammates and delivers impressive performances. However, scoring goals is everything he thinks about during a football game. He already has his system: the exact position of the ball, a few steps back, and one strong and accurate shot. Even those who have never been fond of sports must admire the legendary kick of this football legend.

Cristiano has played in the best clubs in the world, including Real Madrid and Manchester United, earning millions of euros annually. But still, the ball and the goal are his main passion. The Portuguese player doesn't have short-term plans to slow down. Ronaldo was already quoted saying that the day he realizes he doesn't have the strength to train anymore, then the fans will immediately know about the end of his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo header in Portugal 2-0 Uruguay in the World Cup 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Portugal in the World Cup is on December 2, against Korea Republic. You can watch Korea Republic vs Portugal, Tunisia vs France, Netherlands vs Qatar, Wales vs England, Iran vs USA, and Ecuador vs Senegal, all matches provided from our soccer streams game pages.

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Cristiano Ronaldo free kick shot in the FIFA World Cup 2022




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