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29.06.2022 » Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy with Man United's lack of ambition

Cristiano Ronaldo reacts and shows frustration

Out of the Champions League and going into a very quiet transfer season is apparently making Ronaldo nervous about the season ahead. The Manchester club is struggling to attract and sign the players they've been approaching and the clock keeps ticking as we approach the pre-season in Europe...


It may still be too soon to claim that Manchester United has failed in the mission of signing the players they need to strengthen their squad for next season, but as we prepare to enter the month of July, the truth is that the Red Devils are yet to announce a single new signing. Nevertheless and according to some of the most important online sports betting companies such as MegaPari, there are obviously negotiations in course for multiple players, with at least a couple of them being very close to become a done deal. At the moment, Barcelona's Frenkie de Jong (midfielder) and Ajax's Antony (winger) appear to be the players closer to be signed by Manchester United this summer, which clearly doesn't seem to calm down Ronaldo and make him optimistic going into the upcoming season...

Cristiano Ronaldo - Best moments with Man United in 2021-22:

A lot of rumors, no signings yet...

Despite the many rumors about United's potential targets, for one reason or another no player has yet made its arrival to Manchester. The club, who has already began their pre-season works this past Monday (June 27), will have their first test of the upcoming campaign against their arch-rivals Liverpool, on July 12, in Bangkok. Not only that, but the fact that several important players such as Edinson Cavani, Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba and Juan Mata are leaving the club on a free transfer this summer, basically leave the Red Devils in a delicate situation as they prepare to kick-off the new season.

One of the names that has clearly been on United's top priorities in this transfer window so far is Frenkie De Jong. With Pogba out of the equation for the club's future, the Red Devils are looking for a promising replacement for the French international, who will leave the club after delivering 226 appearances and 39 goals in his last 6 seasons combined.

Nevertheless, it's probably in defense that United should be more concerned. The Red Devils conceded a total of 57 goals in 38 games in the Premier League season, 4 more than Burnley, who got relegated to the Championship after finshing the season in 18th place. Ronaldo is well aware that any team's success starts in a strong defense and if the club is unable to strengthen the squad in this area, there are not many reasons to be very optimistic in the season...

Cristiano Ronaldo turns his head to the sky in disapproval

No champions League, less motivation?

When Ronaldo signed for United nearly a year ago, he was certainly far from thinking that the club would finish the season in 6th place in the Premier League, away from the Champions League spots. Everything seemed to be going the right way when Ronaldo inked his new contract with the club, as the Red Devils clinched the top spot of their group in the Champions League first stage, with Ronaldo stepping up to deliver important goals and late winners game after game.

The lack of consistency in the domestic competitions however, soon revealed United's weaknesses to every opponent in Europe and it was only going to be a matter of time until the dream of a successful season collapsed in a frustrating manner.

It's a fact United won't be playing Champions League football next season and that alone, must be irritating Ronaldo more than anyone else in the club. However, the Red Devils need to make sure they're are making the necessary adjustments to turn the team more solid and more competitive than they were last season, but also prepared to embrace the challenges of every competition they'll be part of in the upcoming campaign.

Not playing in the UEFA Champions League is certainly making it harder to sign the best players in the market, but that's a reality the board needs to accept and adapt to. There are still many markets outside Europe that a club such as Man United could turn to and important decisions must be made in the upcoming weeks...

Cristiano Ronaldo throwing kisses to fans

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Manchester United is on July 12, against Liverpool. You can watch Man United vs Liverpool, Real Madrid vs Barça, Olot vs Barcelona, Man City vs Club America, Everton vs Arsenal, and Kawasaki vs PSG, all matches provided from our live football game pages.

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Manchester United vs Liverpool
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