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28.06.2022 » Cristiano Ronaldo has a secret passion for gambling

Cristiano Ronaldo poker face

Everyone know Cristiano Ronaldo is obsessed with football and to always be the best at what he does... Naturally, when it comes to his hobbies, things are not very different. Ronaldo enjoys gambling and playing poker a lot, but more than that, he loves winning!


Betting in football is not allowed in a vast amount of states in America, mainly due to a conflict of interest. The infringement is punishable by fines and severe suspensions, especially when it comes to English football. For personal pleasure and gambling, lots of footballers are known to enjoy some gambling from time to time. Contrary to common assumptions, football players don't merely visit gambling establishments for a good time. If you wish to have a good time gambling, enjoy online roulette in NJ and find out valuable insight about the state of the iGaming industry, be sure to check out some articles over at iGaming NJ website, the best source of news about New Jersey’s roulette casinos. Since Ronaldo has consistently ranked among the top three players in the world for almost a decade, the Portugal team captain and Manchester United striker is a household name among football fans. The 37-year-old is still setting records, demonstrating his talent as a part of his team and nation, and shattering all kinds of barriers. The question of whether Ronaldo is a better poker player or gambler is currently up for discussion...

Cristiano Ronaldo playing poker vs "Miss World" - Pokerstars:

A passion for gambling driven by his sports career

Football players frequently serve quarantines since it takes a lot of sacrifices to be a professional athlete. While in lockdown in his twenties, the Portuguese superstar played poker with his mates. He knew right away that, like football, poker required both skill and technique, both of which he had in plenty. Ronaldo rapidly battled with more serious gamblers due to his immaculate strategy, therefore he made the decision to go on.

Cristiano Ronaldo represents both his national team and Manchester United. Due to his fame, the legendary forward player is constantly followed when he enters public spaces. However, he occasionally likes going to casinos and playing some of his favorite casino games, sometimes while wearing a disguise.

Ronaldo, who comes from a lowly background, is cautious about overspending when playing his favorite casino games. He can afford to lose some money at the casinos since he has nearly a billion dollars, but his methodical approach is exemplary to all other players who want to know how to manage their bankrolls.

Since a professional football career only lasts so many years, one will have plenty of time to explore new interests or develop current ones. Cristiano Ronaldo plays poker for fun and does well in major competitions. He has a promising future as a professional poker player and is a self-assured, risk-taking winner. He participates in online poker charity events to maintain his sense of altruism, which is sufficient to make him a brilliant poker player.

Cristiano Ronaldo ready to play poker

Ronaldo's favorite casino games

So, as we've learned, Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest-paid football player in the world and one of the most well-known athletes on the planet, is no stranger to casinos. He even serves as an ambassador for some of the most well-known gaming companies in the world. He has occasionally been spotted playing roulette or blackjack. He has participated in a number of renowned poker tournaments throughout the years, so he is also no stranger to the world of gambling...

Cristiano Ronaldo playing poker against other celebrities

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Manchester United is on July 12, against Liverpool. You can watch Manchester United vs Liverpool, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Olot vs Barcelona, Manchester City vs Club America, Everton vs Arsenal, and Kawasaki vs Paris-Saint Germain, all matches provided from our live soccer game pages.

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