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20.06.2022 » Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is a big fan of computer games

Cristiano Ronaldo watching his son controlling the ball

We all understand the competitive similarities between physical sports and computer esports. One team usually defends against the other team in order to make sure they don't won't score a point. With competitive esports on the rise, we see younger people partake in these matches to win some cash as well as those bragging rights.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr can more than likely destroy you in a match of soccer. The young boy, who turned 12 years earlier this month, also competes in games like Rocket League, Fortnite, CSGO, and Valorant. Most would say he's a beast playing these games. Valorant and CSGO are mostly similar due its first-person-shooter (FPS) category, as well as their defense and offense gameplay. Nevertheless, a big difference between CSGO and Valorant is that the first one has a skin trading base system, which Valorant hasn't. This means people can trade these skins as well as gamble them. Another difference is that Valorant has different operators that have unique abilities you can use throughout the game. As for CSGO, it's a lot easier to find opportunities to bet in eSports and sportsbook software also allows bettors to find the best odds in live events. Do you think you can defeat the young man and suffer from the following revenge that comes from it?

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr - Crazy skills:

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr can beat you at soccer and valorant...

One of Netflix's new documentaries "I am Georgina" shows a peek into the superstar's life as it targets Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. ESPN FC says it shows a short moment of Cristiano Ronaldo's son's computer. The computer not only shows he's a fan of his father, but also a fan of competitive PC gaming.

Kourtney Kardashian casually posted a Valorant picture on her Instagram story to her over 160 million followers. Since the son of Cristiano Ronaldo also showed he might be playing Valorant, Fortnite, Among Us, Roblox, Rocket League, CSGO, and more in the headlines, some being older for kids of his age, the games have gotten more publicity. With the work principle and talent he has. we all know that genes can play a role in how you progress in society. That being said, Ronaldo Jr, more than likely can crush you on the field and also on computer games. Let's say you beat him, you still have to worry about his dad, Cristiano Ronaldo...

Cristiano Ronaldo son is a fan of PC gaming

A different type of mindset...

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his accomplishments in football, as well as his everyday life. One of his former teammates in Manchester United, Patrice Evra, once said he invited him to play table tennis for the first time and the Portuguese star immediately got obsessed in improving at that game. That's because he wanted to get his vengeance on his teammate after being defeated in the game in front of everyone. Ronaldo Jr. did just that...

Going against a player with the same background, it wouldn't be shocking to get a triple-flip reset within weeks of defeating him in a bronze rank Rocket League match. Having the best mindset to reach the top ranks is stowed in the superstars head, so if his son shares that same mentality, Valorant, and other video game players will have their hands tied while going against the young competitors' work principles, but that's just opinion, of course. We don't know if in reality he is a Jett instalock or Dominus main. For what we know now is that he's the son of a very ambitious soccer player, and that he could have the same strong needs. We'll just wait to see Ronaldo Jr to start publicly playing, and the fans can see and match the two.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior playing with his father

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Manchester United is on July 12, against Liverpool. You can watch Manchester United vs Liverpool, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Olot vs Barcelona, Manchester City vs Club America, Everton vs Arsenal, and Kawasaki vs PSG, all matches provided from our soccer live game pages.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Junior playing football




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