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16.05.2022 » Cristiano Ronaldo and his car collection

Cristiano Ronaldo standing in front of one of his cars the Bugatti Chiron

Cristiano Ronaldo is truly passionate for cars and over the years he certainly wasn't shy to showoff part of his collection every time he had the opportunity to buy a new vehicle...

Cristiano Ronaldo has a huge amount of money to spend on his car collection and has made a lot of headlines for his extravagant fleet. Most of his cars, and many of his ex-cars, are sold at auction and the price will most likely surprise most of our readers. But there are some vehicles that have a little more of a story than the others. With every new car, the footballer buys a new one. So let's take a look at the fleet of the athlete and check the main distinctive features of the vehicles the footballer had throughout the years.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Car collection:

Audi RS6 (2005)

Cristiano Ronaldo bought this Audi RS6 for a staggering £1.4m. This car, which is an A6 Coupé, was actually his first car. He bought the RS6 in September 2003, and it has the 505 number. After some time, the footballer decided to change the car and sold his Audi to buy a Lamborghini. If you would like to have Audio RS6 as well, then it is the right time for you to check special promotions and Canadian no deposit bonuses on registration. They will boost your bankroll and increase your winning odds significantly.

Lamborghini Aventador (2005)

After Cristiano Ronaldo's divorce from one of his ex-girlfriends in 2010, he ended up spending a whopping amount on his second Lamborghini. Before the break-up, he had actually bought his first Lamborghini in 2006. With a starting price of £295k and an ending price of £800k, he bought this Lamborghini for a total of £450k and added another £100k to the price because he didn't like it and wanted it to be changed.

Lamborghini Murcielago S Roadster (2006)

In the next year, Cristiano bought his third Lamborghini. He got the Murcielago for £175k, and it actually came with the number 4 as factory customization. It is, in fact, a customized Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster that existed in one version only. It has black leather and black Alcantara with "Cristiano" written on the bonnet, which makes the vehicle one-of-the-kind.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (2009)

Ronaldo bought a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for €4.7m (£3.7m). This was a special order, and all the parts came from Ferrari factories in Milan, Turin, and Maranello. Although the car was bought by Ronaldo in 2009, it wasn't delivered until the following year, in 2010. Three years later the athlete decided to sell the vehicle with the €5m price tag. You can potentially buy such a car if you gamble at the best Instadebit casinos in Canada; the list for Canadians is prepared by a top casino reviewer Casinority. The site offers the most unbiased and up-to-date information about trusted online gambling operators.

Cristiano Ronaldo driving one of his cars

Aston Martin V12 Vantage (2008)

At the end of the 2018 World Cup, the Real Madrid player purchased the Aston Martin V12 Vantage after he was voted "World’s Best Footballer". He bought the V12 Vantage for £850k. The original starting price for this car was £200k and ended up at £850k. It is the world's most expensive Aston Martin.

Porsche 911 Turbo

Ronaldo bought this Porsche 911 Turbo with a 5.0-liter engine in 2005 for £200k. It is the second of only two remaining cars from his entire fleet. The footballer bought his Porsche 911 Turbo because he thought it was cool. And we support him in this - the vehicle does have a unique look and temper.

A Rolls-Royce Ghost Drophead Coupe

Ronaldo was offered a Rolls-Royce Ghost Drophead Coupe for the final of the 2018 World Cup. It was given to him by his girlfriend, and it was the fifth car he's ever had. When it was bought at the beginning of 2018, it was £1.3m and ended up with a price of £2.3m. He actually drove this car for the first time in 2019, and it's the first time it's ever been in public.

Maserati Quattroporte S Q4

Ronaldo, along with another footballer, Sergio Ramos, is the only person to have had a Maserati Quattroporte S Q4. He bought this Maserati for £500,000 and then had to sell it just 18 months later. This is due to the fact that he found a Maserati Ghibli S Q4 instead, and he really wanted this one. It has a starting price of £135,000. He bought this car in 2016, even though he didn't like it, he loved the feeling of the steering wheel. He added another £1.1m to the price.

Good Cars for a Good Sportsman

Portugal's all-time leading goalscorer Ronaldo is a driving force in the national and club game, but he also has something to drive. In this post, we have covered some of the most impressive vehicles from the fleet of Cristiano Ronaldo, which are updated so fast that it is impossible to keep track of it.

Cristiano Ronaldo posing for a photo next to a car

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Cristiano Ronaldo gifted another Audi




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