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08.07.2021 » How Ronaldo became the Euro top scorer of all-time

Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal face

Year after year, Ronaldo continues breaking records in football and astonishing fans all over the world. With his most recent goals in the EURO 2020, the Portuguese star managed to become the EURO top scorer of all-time...

Cristiano Ronaldo once again shone at the international stage where he continues to create and break records. The 36-year-old striker from Portugal doesn't seem to be slowing down as he adds yet another record to his stunning collection to claim the title of the all-time top scorer in the history of the European Championship. Cristiano Ronaldo's ability to find the back of the net has been praised by football legends and experts, which is why he is fun to watch not just for fans but also for bettors and betpicks platforms looking towards the legend to create magical moments and turn the game around like he always does.

Cristiano Ronaldo - The EURO 2020 journey:

Another record set by Ronaldo...

The Portuguese player currently ties with Ali Daei of Iran for the highest goal scorer with up to 109 goals in 178 matches for the national team. He also holds the record of more than 20 goals in two tournaments, a record once held by ex-Germany star Miroslav Klose who scored 19 times in both the World Cup and European championship.

Ronaldo claimed the title of the highest goal scorer in Euro competitions when he scored five times in the Euro 2020 making a total of 14 goals in all Euro competitions to surpass former record holder Michel Platini of France whose record was nine goals. You can try betting on Ronaldo beating more records in the future by checking out m.w88 and gamble on the Portuguese star.

International goals by Ronaldo

Goals by competition

Cristiano Ronaldo has found the back of the net more times in the qualifying stages than the actual competition.

He has scored 19 goals in Friendlies and netted up to 31 goals in UEFA Euro qualifiers which ties with FIFA World Cup qualification games.

At the UEFA European Championship, he has scored up to 14 goals which place him in the top spot.

He is 9 goals shy of the record for the player with the most goals in the FIFA World Cup which is held by German legend Miroslav Klose. His current tally stands at 7 goals. He has only seen the back of the net twice in the FIFA Confederation Cups.


Goals by Year

Ronaldo has scored 109 goals for his country in 178 appearances making him an invaluable player.

2004 - 7 goals
2005 - 2 goals
2006 - 6 goals
2007 - 5 goals
2008 - 1 goals
2009 - 1 goals
2010 - 3 goals
2011 - 7 goals
2012 - 5 goals
2013 - 10 goals
2014 - 5 goals
2015 - 3 goals
2016 - 13 goals
2017 - 11 goals
2018 - 6 goals
2019 - 14 goals
2020 - 3 goals
2021 - 7 goals


Goals in Euro competitions

EURO 2004Ronaldo scored twice in the Euro 2004 competition and went on to score in all Euro competitions.

EURO 2008 – With only one goal to his name, Euro 2008 might have been the worst time for the skilled player.

EURO 2012 - Cristiano Ronaldo found the back of the net only three times in Euro 2012. He was one of the top scorers in the competition but didn't win the Golden Boot as it was offered to the player that reached the tally the fastest. While Ronaldo netted three goals in 480 minutes, Spain striker Fernando Torres achieved the same feat in 189 minutes and won the Golden Boot.

EURO 2016 - Ronaldo once again hit three goals for his country in the Euro competition but this time, it was way below the leading goal scorer, French forward Antoine Griezmann who scored 6 goals.

EURO 2020 - Ronaldo improved his stats with up to 5 goals in the competition.



Considered the King of Football and the G.O.A.T, there is no reason not to love Ronaldo. While Ronaldo currently ties for the all-time goal scorer in the world, he is still in great form to break the record and become the true King of Football.

Cristiano Ronaldo scoring at the EURO 2020

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Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick attempt

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