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30.03.2021 » Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect ambassador of the Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo winning awards in the Serie A

When Ronaldo signed for Juventus back in the summer of 2018, everyone knew that his arrival meant a huge boost in the exposure the Serie A was going to get moving forward. The Portuguese star not only brought a lot of his qualities into the Italian stadiums, but he also brought a lot more audiences to the Serie A.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo debated signing for Real Madrid many months after his original contract expired, he eventually signed for Italian giants Juventus in July 2018, in a transfer deal that costed the Italian club roughly 100 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo has continued to be the perfect ambassador for football in general, but in the last years, this has been particularly noticed in the Serie A, since that's also the competition where Ronaldo has played the most. There are many reasons why the Portuguese striker has achieved such celebrated status, but this is nothing new. He has cultivated his image as a public figure and role model over a lengthy and highly-influential career.

Cristiano Ronaldo - 15 goals in the Serie A in 2021:

Social media status

The main reason Ronaldo will always have more fans than his main rival on the pitch, Argentinian legend Lionel Messi, is down to the way he has embraced technology.

He has used his celebrity status to cultivate his online presence to an incredibly far-reaching effect, becoming the first person to exceed half-a-billion followers for his social media channels, with legions of women paying close attention to his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. Due to his immense popularity among female audience, there are also a lot of imposters on different dating sites that are trying to contact local single women from fake accounts using Ronaldo's name. Cristiano has a long history of dating many, many beautiful girls, so we all agree that it's highly doubted that he will ever browse through profiles on matchmaking platforms...

Ronaldo as the "excuse" for bringing singles together

People have tapped into what could be described as the "cult of Ronaldo" in so many ways. There are entire fan communities for each of the clubs he has been associated with – respectively Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now Juventus – where individuals interact in communities where they can share images and videos of their hero. This also gives them common passions when it comes to chatting with other site users, and forging relationships.

Footballers have traditionally been highly attractive to fans because they are at the peak of their physical condition, and there is a bonus if they are also good-looking, with a strong, assertive, and personable character, like Ronaldo. Anyone who might have the audacity to describe themselves as being a "Ronaldo lookalike" is guaranteed to attract considerable interest from potential admirers, regardless of the degree of truth in this assertion!

Cristiano Ronaldo looking happy in Juve

Ronaldo's name being used in vain

As with everything else where the Internet is concerned, site users need to be aware of unscrupulous individuals who have used Ronaldo for their ends. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the Juventus star, but is simply down to human nature. Because it can be relatively straightforward to fake an email account, people can choose to register with dating sites by creating fake profiles based on these invented email addresses and having them verified. They can then use this to put together a webpage that has no basis in reality. This is a concept that has become so well-known that there are even TV shows dedicated to the phenomenon, known as catfishing.

Individuals create a false web presence for various reasons. It could be they have been spurned by an ex-partner and have decided to take out their frustration on the wider singles community. In some instances, they gain the confidence of prospective partners as a prelude to phishing for personal banking passwords. Because so many female friends are devoted to their Portuguese icon, you can see more gullible individuals might be drawn towards accounts claiming to be created by the man himself.

Ronaldo saying 'NO'!

Website administrators are only too aware of the potential for these catfish accounts to deter genuine singles from signing up to their sites. They tend to be meticulous in applying security settings to weed out imposters. Because he is such an excellent ambassador for football, as well as a generous philanthropist, Cristiano Ronaldo and his legal team will be at the forefront of paying close attention to the way his name is used.

Cristiano Ronaldo holding the Serie A trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Portugal in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers is on March 30, against Luxembourg. You can watch Luxembourg vs Portugal, Lithuania vs Italy, Spain vs Kosovo, England vs Poland, Belgium vs Belarus, and Germany vs Macedonia, all matches provided from our soccer live streams game pages.

Portugal next game:
Luxembourg vs Portugal
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Cristiano Ronaldo always on the spotlight

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