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25.03.2021 » The 7 rules to success according to Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo hard working in training

Ever since Ronaldo first stepped on a football pitch, he has stunned everyone with his competitive and hardworking attitude. The Portuguese superstar may have born with a lot of talent, but he made sure it wouldn't go to waste...

Cristiano Ronaldo, the child prodigy of Madeira, thrills us with each of his goals. The Portuguese superstar has been one of the best players in the world for almost two decades now and he's a true example not only for those who play football, but also for anyone else who dreams of being succesful in their jobs. Hardworking and humble are the qualities that come along with Ronaldo whenever we talk about him. But what are the success secrets of this man, who started from nothing and who influences and inspires millions of people?

Cristiano Ronaldo - Mindset of a champion:

#1 - be Passionate

"Without football, my life is nothing." - Cristiano Ronaldo

Passion is the best source of motivation you can find in yourself. If you have not yet identified what you are meant for and what you are skilled at, focus on this as a priority in order to lead a fulfilling life. In online gambling for example, if you master slots, you should focus on sites like allvideoslots. Basically this advice can be applied anywhere.

#2 - Have a winning mindset

"I want to win, no matter where." - Cristiano Ronaldo

In all life situations, it is essential to have a mind of steel, in the face of trials, failures, suffering, and even in the face of illness, being determined to conquer and to go beyond your limits will make you achieve the heights and the satisfaction you will feel will be priceless.

#3 - Be disciplined

"Without discipline, talent is of no use." - Cristiano Ronaldo

Discipline is more important than it looks. We learn the rules from an early age and are conditioned to follow them, sometimes without even asking questions. It turns out that having strict discipline in all of our daily tasks saves us precious time. This organization and thirst for excellence will give you wings.

#4 - Be humble

"If you think you are already perfect, then you never will be." - Cristiano Ronaldo

Humility is a rare quality, especially when we reach the height of fame, keeping a cool head is often difficult. Everyone around you praises you and staying humble will allow you to stay focused on the essentials of your success and to question yourself often.

Cristiano Ronaldo winning trophies for Juventus

#5 - Want to make history

"My name is Cristiano Ronaldo, I am on top of the world. Now? I want to be eternal." - Cristiano Ronaldo

When we accomplish great things, we are thirsty to change the world, but taking the time to question yourself about your goal and its purpose will give you strength and motivation. There is no shame in wanting to make history because you are already making it every day of your life, the only difference is that your name will be engraved on what you have accomplished for all to see.

#6 - Be aware of the value of the essential

"I continue to learn, but I believe that having a child is the most beautiful thing in the world." - Cristiano Ronaldo

Staying focused on the essentials and keeping things straight will allow you to keep a cool head and not be overly sensitive to outside opinions because only what you build matters. Your family, your career, your story.

#7 - Transform backbiting into power

"Your love makes me strong. Your hatred makes me unstoppable." - Cristiano Ronaldo

Jealousy is omnipresent in the daily life of the victors. It is there and we have to deal with it. Not ignoring it, confronting it, facing it, analyzing it, and turning it into force will prove to your detractors that you are going way beyond what they say. And don't forget that ignorance is the best of contempt.

Cristiano Ronaldo working hard at the gym

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Portugal in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers is on March 27, against Serbia. You can watch Serbia vs Portugal, Italy vs Northern Ireland, Spain vs Greece, England vs San Marino, USA vs Jamaica, and Germany vs Iceland, all matches provided from our live sports game pages.

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