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13.11.2020 » Top 5 reasons Cristiano Ronaldo is the best role model in sports

Cristiano Ronaldo serious look

Not everyone who achieves success in their career actually present themselves as a good role model for young generations. That hasn't been the case with Cristiano Ronaldo, as the Portuguese legend has made himself an example for millions of fans to look up to...

Even those who aren't particularly interested in football, certainly have heard of Cristiano Ronaldo at one point in their lives. The Portuguese striker is widely regarded as one of the world's greatest exponents of the sport and his popularity has crossed the globe for almost two decades now. As surprising as it may sound, even after everything he has accomplished with Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now with Juventus, the 35-year old has never allowed fame to go to his head...

Cristiano Ronaldo - Role model:

The importance of having character...

Young footballers all over the world aspire to be as successful as Ronaldo, while single guys seeking partners might prefer to join a dating site like Uniformdating, which is completely understandable. Attributes like humility and integrity are highly valuable for both goals and even though the latter might not seem an obvious one to make, the truth is that it's all about character. When you are connecting with potential partners on the matchmaking resource of your choice, the more popular the website, the more eye-catching your profile description needs to be. Ronaldo is noticeable for being so much more than a sportsman because he is also a role model. He makes sure he stands out from the crowd. Here are the five reasons you should look up to Ronaldo, perhaps hoping some of his sincerity rubs out on your endeavors!

Humble beginnings

Singles going onto dating sites aren't going to get far if they arrive with preconceptions, assuming they'll easily get a date because they're talented. You'd have a much better chance of success if you approach this activity the way Ronaldo first got into football. His childhood wasn’t an urban upbringing – his family background was in Madeira, a chain of islands governed by Portugal but located out in the Atlantic Ocean, with a population of around 290,000. His mother was a cook and his father a gardener. Intending to escape the island's poverty, he trained day and night to hone his latent skills.

Inspirational leader

Ronaldo rapidly transposed his natural abilities to the professional teams he signed for, initially Sporting Lisbon. Although he was only 11 years old at the time, there was something particularly eye-catching about the way he could score freely and swerve around opponents. His play was characterized by a swaggering self-belief, both on and off the ball, instilling his teammates with confidence. He wasn't averse to winding up opponents, particularly cajoling the referee into punishing misdemeanors (real or imaginary), which endeared him to supporters. When fans bought replica shirts, whether Sporting Lisbon's green and white, Real Madrid's white, United's red or Juventus' black and white stripes, there was only one surname they wanted embroidering on the back: Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo game face before a Juventus game

Significant others

Many lesser footballers commonly end up on the front pages of tabloids for all the wrong reasons, falling out of nightclubs or making a nuisance of themselves with women. Ronaldo is beyond any of that! You can check out some of his previous loves here: Gemma Atkinson, Lucia Villalon, Nereida Gallardo, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton. He has chosen his girlfriends with personal taste and great care, like a discerning online dater!


Between 2010 and 2019, Ronaldo earned a cool £615 million, through his salary, player bonuses, and a series of lucrative endorsements. True, he has amassed a collection of top-of-the-range sports cars. However, for someone who underwent life-altering heart surgery aged 15, he is entitled to reap the rewards of his hard work. He also gives vast amounts of his fortune to charitable ventures.

Social Media icon

Cristiano Ronaldo has over 400 million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He has also released apps and iPhone games. Having his finger on the pulse of social media is another aspect of this sporting role model that should give hope to anyone poised to tap their details into a dating service!

Cristiano Ronaldo suited up for a ceremony

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Portugal in the UEFA Nations League is on November 14, against France. You can watch Portugal vs France, Colombia vs Uruguay, Switzerland vs Spain, Brazil vs Venezuela, Sweden vs Croatia, and Germany vs Ukraine, all matches provided from our streaming live game pages.

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