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10.09.2020 » The upcoming and rise to stardom: Little-known facts about Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo rise to the top

Every sports legend has gone through a long road to success, but sometimes there are small details during that journey that we tend to overlook. Did you know he used to be nicknamed "little bee" when he was still a youngster?

If you're a football lover, the chances are high that you're also a passionate fan of CR7, aka Cristiano Ronaldo. You know the story: Ronaldo is a charismatic Portuguese footballer who has won football fans' hearts worldwide. A legend in his own right, this Juventus footballer has five "Ballon d’Or" to his name and captains Portugal's national football team. Ronaldo looks nothing short of a magician on the field while mesmerizing the stadium with his incredible dribbling skills and amazing runs. Thousands of youngsters across different continents consider Ronaldo their inspiration and follow the footsteps of their favorite footballer. This article shall teach you about CR7's growing years, entry into the football world, and his transformation from a club footballer to a soccer sensation. Also, we will incorporate some little-known facts about the player. Did you know that Ronaldo won the BBC's 2014 Overseas Sports Personality award? More juicy information to come!

Cristiano Ronaldo - All his 101 goals for Portugal:

Birth, childhood and early education

Born on 5 February 1985 in São Pedro to a Portuguese couple José Dinis Aveiro and Maria Dolores dos Santos Viveiros de Aveiro, Ronaldo had four siblings. Coming from an impoverished family, Cristiano Ronaldo didn't devote too much time to his academics and instead chose to pursue football since his school days. A little-known fact is that the star-to-be did not have the sweetest nickname during his childhood. In his early years, he got called a "crybaby" due to his childish tendencies. However, over the years, Ronaldo's nickname shifted to "little bee" because of his incredible speed when playing football.

A role model for fans

The general public greatly praises some of Ronaldo's habits. However, you might not be aware of them. First of all, did you know that he is a devoted blood donor? You might have heard of the time when Ronaldo donated his blood to Carlos Martins' son. Due to the frequent visits to donate blood, Ronaldo is believed to avoid any ink on his body. Tattoos would mean that he would not be able to donate blood for at least four months.

In addition to that, Ronaldo shares his assets with the people in need. He is very involved in charity work, especially with children. On one occasion, Ronaldo auctioned his trophy for $1.5 million and gave this money to schools. Truly, a role model to follow for other celebrities as well.

Climbing the ladder of success

Ronaldo's skill, determination, and dedication to the game impressed László Bölöni, his first team's manager. CR7 was soon promoted to the Youth Team, and he became the team's first player to represent it in the Under-16, Under-17, and even the Under-19 tournaments. In 2002, Ronaldo debuted in the Primeira Liga and scored 2 goals to impress the club management as well as the crowd.

Recently, Ronaldo was reported to score the 100th international goal for Portugal. In his recent match against Sweden, Ronaldo did not hold back and reached another impressive milestone. Similar to his notorious poker-face, you can never expect what he will do next.

Cristiano Ronaldo mysterious side

A sensation called Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a global star, meaning he has won people's' hearts from all over the globe. His noteworthiness is reflected through the many ways people remember and honor him. For instance, he became the fourth football player to be included in the Madame Tussauds waxwork (in London). Additionally, Ronaldo fans might consider going to college in Canada. As it appears, a university there offers a course in sociology about none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Failures that strengthened Cristiano

Fans and football-lovers can only see the 4 European Golden Shoes and 5 Ballons d'Or, but no one can see the success story's pain and struggles. It's been an extremely exciting journey for this legend with his share of ups and downs. His childhood was not at all comfortable as he belonged to a low-income family and never really had his father's support. At 15 years, his career came to a sudden halt because of heart surgery, which altered his heart's resting rate.

In 2005, his father died from complications of the liver; however, Ronaldo came back stronger and had the best season that year. Apart from this, he also suffered from multiple injuries at different points in his football career.

Cristiano Ronaldo - An inspiration for the youth

Youth with a dream to make it big into the sporting world often consider Cristiano Ronaldo as their sole inspiration. CR7 fans never miss a match of their favorite star, and even in countries where sports channels are banned, people use Atlas VPN for streaming to watch matches live. Fans would go to any extent to get a glimpse of the man, the player, the star, and the legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo number one player in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Juventus in the Serie A is on September 20, against Sampdoria. You can watch Juventus vs Sampdoria, West Ham vs Newcastle, Barça vs Gimnastic, Liverpool vs Leeds United, Fulham vs Arsenal, and Lens vs PSG, all matches provided from our football live and soccer game pages.

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