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09.06.2020 » Cristiano is football's Michael Jordan and here is why

Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the football industry for around 17 years now. He started at a young age and he was 14 when he and his mother decided to have him focus on his football career. Since then, Ronaldo’s career flew off. He became a part of clubs like Manchester United and now, he is with Juventus with a contract that made him the highest paid football player right now.

It's without a doubt that Ronaldo is one of the best athletes we've seen out there, especially in football. His skills are best partnered with his work ethic and ambitious nature. He showed an exceptional work ethic to rise through the youth ranks at Sporting, becoming the first player in the club's history to represent the Under-16s, U17s, U18s, and senior team in the same season. At the age of 35, he's still soaring in the career that he chose. He is simply one of the most popular athletes on the planet and his social media proves this. Currently, he has over 420 million followers on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Michael Jordan:

An impressive career, by all standards...

Ronaldo was part of Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now with Juventus. These are clubs that are easily the favorites, especially on sports betting. Many people would wager on these clubs and even Juventus just because Ronaldo is in it. If you haven’t tried sports betting yet, you can check Efirbet to know which bookies are the best out there when you’re ready to place your bet.

Before his move to Manchester United in 2003, Ronaldo was able to produce five goals and five assists during the 31 games of his breakthrough year. He was also able to win the prestigious award from Ballon d'Or for five times.

In his career of over 17 years, he has, so far, scored 626 club goals. This was counted since his career with Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. In total, he has won 32 trophies that include two trophies from international competitions.

Cristiano is still in a stunning form and he proves that this season with Juventus. He was able to register 27 amazing goals in 25 Serie A appearances this season. Surely, this makes him the best striker in the world right now.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Michael Jordan

Ronaldo and Michael Jordan

Now, Portuguese's forward and ex-Sporting Lisbon player Rodrigo Tello has recently talked about Ronaldo in an interview. Tello is one of the people who saw or witnessed first-hand the rise of a superstar. He also believes that Ronaldo is capable of cultivating a professional career in a variety of sports.

Tello played with Ronaldo during the 2002/03 campaign while in Sporting Lisbon. In an interview with PrensaFutbol, Tello said, "I had the opportunity to be the companion of a player as powerful as himself. Cristiano's mentality was totally different from that of a 17-year-old kid."

He also talked about why Ronaldo is the Michael Jordan of the football industry. He said, "He reminds me of [Michael] Jordan, competitive in everything. He used to do personalized training, even on the day of the game. We played table football, he was the best, we played pool, he was the best, we were going to do weights and he was the one who did the most."

And so, it does seem like Ronaldo seems to want to be the best in everything he does, but for some of these, he may have done so effortlessly.

At the age of 35, Ronaldo is still trying to gain a competitive edge. He has started training in rugby to enhance his sprinting speed and flexibility. He also has a daily routine that includes six meals. This also includes five 90-minute naps to make sure he maximizes his fitness and recovery.

Recently, Forbes reported that Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete right now, beating Lionel Messi. He is also the first football player who became a billionaire. He joins the billionaire club of two other athletes, Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather Jr. On the list of Forbes highest paid celebrities, he sits on the 4th spot. He sits with Kanye West, Kylie Jenner, Roger Federer, and Lionel Messi on the top 5 spots.

Tello spoke good about Ronaldo and he also shared that he is in a good relationship with him. Tello said in the interview, "I had a good relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. When I turned years old, my wife surprised me and offered me a Juventus jersey signed by Cristiano Ronaldo. I have no idea how she got it."

Michael Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Juventus in the Coppa Italia is on June 13, against AC Milan. You can watch Juventus vs AC Milan, Real Madrid vs Eibar, Mallorca vs Barça, Tottenham vs Man Utd, Man City vs Arsenal, and Bayern Munich vs Eintracht Frankfurt, all matches provided from our live football game pages.

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