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21.11.2019 » Ronaldo admits he would prefer not to play every Serie A fixture

Sarri and Cristiano Ronaldo talking during a Juventus game

Age is a factor becoming increasingly more important in Cristiano Ronaldo's career decisions and he gets older season after season, he already accepts the idea of prioritizing his efforts and skip some of the less relevant games during the football season...

Turning 35 in a few months, Cristiano Ronaldo is still shinning domestically and internationally, with very few signs of slowing down soon. The Portuguese star and Juventus forward has put his mark on the football arena, though he states that he would only feature in important matches if it were up to him. As a result, Cristiano has snubbed the domestic Serie A league. Talking to France Football, Cristiano revealed that if the decision were his, at this point of his career he would only play International tournaments and the UEFA Champions League matches. Ronaldo prefers to play in these kinds of games as they have the most stake and a challenging environment with a lot of pressure. These matches not only benefit Betway punters, but also allows Cristiano to be a pro and showcase his talent to honor his family and the team he represents.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus star:

Two Controversial subs...

Despite turning 35 years, the Portugal international star suggested that he'll continue playing league football for a while longer. To him, age is just a number and not precisely a sign of a career end. Cristiano also believes that his performance has gone a long way to prove that, saying he's still feeling sharp, creative, and more mature than ever before.

A few weeks ago, the Juventus pro footballer wasn't on the squad to face Lecce, with Sarri choosing to rest his talisman. However, the team suffered from his absence, and the game ended in a draw, as Juventus and Milan headline Serie A action, despite the slip-up. Nonetheless, Cristiano has recently come out to say that his manager, Maurizio, was right to substitute him twice as he wasn't 100% fit.

Days before being removed during the Serie A game against AC Milan, Maurizio took the star off the Champions League game against Lokomotiv Moscow. The game ended in a 2-1 victory in favor of Juventus. However, Ronaldo's frustrations were evident at both the RZD Arena and Allianz Stadium a few days later.

Cristiano Ronaldo shocked dwith a referee decision

Small injuries won't stop him

Sarri defended his decisions later, insisting that a persistent knee injury advised his call that Ronaldo was suffering. Earlier this week, Ronaldo admitted he wasn't in full shape, backing up claims from the Italian. Speaking after Portugal's 2-0 triumph over Luxembourg, the Portuguese international said that he was trying to help Juventus by playing while injured, though he didn't have a problem with his coach for being substituted.

Cristiano helped Portugal to qualify for the EURO 2020 finals earlier on Sunday, netting the second goal to secure their win over Luxembourg. The goal made it worthwhile for Betway users, who are still confident with his skills, also leaving him with 99 international goals, only one goal from a century landmark.

Cristiano Ronaldo will go down as one of the most celebrated footballers and sportspeople of all time. He has scored many goals throughout his spells with Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus, winning almost every trophy available in international soccer. In the process, Ronaldo has proven his worth as a supreme athlete with admirable strength and speed.

Cristiano Ronaldo telling Sarri eh is unhappy with his substitution

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Juventus in the Serie A is on November 23, against Atalanta. You can watch Atalanta vs Juventus, PSG vs Lille, Leganes vs Barça, Man City vs Chelsea, West Ham vs Tottenham, and Borussia Dortmund vs Paderborn, all matches provided from our footy streaming game pages.

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Cristiano Ronaldo motivated in Juventus

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