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04.07.2019 » What is the "Ronaldo effect"?

Cristiano Ronaldo helping Juventus gaining exposure on social media

Juventus decided to pay a huge sum in order to bring Ronaldo to Turin last summer. However, they were well aware that what Ronaldo's value isn't only measured by what he does on the pitch. It didn't take long for the Portuguese star to take Juventus to a different level in marketing terms...

In real terms it's not been a long time since Juventus signed CR7. Nevertheless, in that time, something pretty extraordinary has occurred. Initially, some pundits and commentators tried to work out what effect his transfer would have on elements of his life such as social media and retailing/merchandise opportunities. Some believed that he may top well over one hundred and 40 followers on Instagram, just over 6 million on Twitter and 33 million on Facebook. In terms of ticket sales, income was expected to go up to 33 million euros, an huge increase from just under 26 million from last season. To top all that off, it also looks like sales of Ronaldo related to merchandise have increased too, with Juventus estimating that they're selling a Ronaldo jersey every 48 to 50 seconds. With as many as 7 million people visiting the official Bianconeri store online – meaning that it actually went offline for some hours!

Cristiano Ronaldo - The effect on social media

The Ronaldo effect on
Juventus stocks

The signing has also had a positive effect on Juventus' stocks – raising them by just under 6 percent, so that they've reached their maximum value.

His move from Real Madrid means that Juventus's popularity has skyrocketed in a few particular markets like China. Some suggest by as much as 70 percent, at a time when the top European clubs are desperately competing for supremacy in Asian countries.

Ronaldo has definitely made his presence on the pitch felt, and has not disappointed out in the middle. He's netted 21 goals in 31 Serie A games and this has put Juventus in a pretty unbeatable place. Some would argue that the price Juventus paid for him – roughly 110 million Euros - has been well worth it.

Cristiano Ronaldo image is his strongest brand

Ronaldo is huge in China

Away from football, he's made a massive impression in China too, which is a country with a growing passion and interest for the game. Even those with only a sketchy knowledge or who are starting to learn the beginner's guide to football, are becoming hooked on his undeniable charm.

Romelu Lukaku, the Man United striker, comments that Ronaldo should be an inspiration to all young players, and his performances from the last ten years are legendary.

Asian social media sites like Weibo have seen a massive increase in people joining so they can follow Juventus, and similar numbers have also joined apps like WeChat and Douyin, according to the club themselves.

The more fans that join and interact, the more money the club gets and the more exposure there is – and that cannot be a bad thing. Again, those that argued his fee was extortionate, can't really counter it when it appears to have done so much good for his new club and the new rafts of fans that are becoming interested in the game.

Football experts say that China is what is known as an "icon market". This is because over there, they have more loyalty to players than to a specific team. So when Ronaldo moved from Real Madrid, all his fan base moved with him to Juventus.

This means that Ronaldo is simply beyond football and that his success in China proves he has a loyal and dedicated fan base outside the game too.

Juventus has really made enormous gains from the "Ronaldo Effect" and they, along with China and the United States, who are they other key overseas markets, have also made similar successes from his transfer.

Once Real Madrid lost Ronaldo, even though they went on to win the UEFA Champions League, they suffered a huge reduction in followers – that's according to one marketing firm based in Shanghai.

It's also noted that Ronaldo, along with Lionel Messi, have tried their best to build a strong image for themselves in a tough, competitive Asian market.

This includes annual visits to the region and having their own Chinese social media channels, so they can connect with their fans more readily and accessibly in their own countries.

Ronaldo is now also a brand ambassador for the Chinese auto producer Wey, strengthening his prominence in the country even further. It's just more evidence that the "Ronaldo Effect" is very real, and is here to stay, no matter which club he chooses to move to next...

Cristiano Ronaldo growing his influence on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo next game for Juventus is for the International Champions Cup on July 21 of 2019, against Tottenham. You can watch Juventus vs Tottenham, Mexico vs USA, USA vs Netherlands, Brazil vs Peru, Boreham Wood vs Arsenal, and Borussia Dortmund vs Schweinberg, all matches provided from our live stream game pages.

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Cristiano Ronaldo with his thumb up

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