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25.12.2015 » strikes again with a 5th yearly Christmas donation target post for the Christmas donation 2015

Another year, another Christmas and another yearly donation totally funded by For the 5th year in a row, we're proudly contributing with a symbolic fee to help ONExONE, a non-profit organization that strives to help children who need it the most.

It's Christmas time and just like we've been doing in the past years, the site will fund another symbolic donation to ONExONE, a non-profit organization committed to suport, preserve and improve the lives of children around the world. It's the 5th year in a row in which gets involved in these type of charity activities and we can only hope to be able to make this tradition endure for many more years to come. The whole value of the donation will be funded by and the final amount of money that will be given to ONExONE will only depend on the engagement level our fans will generate in our "Target Post", which was already posted in our Facebook page. The whole process will be better explained below...

ONExONE - A non-profit organization fighting for a better world for children:

Everything is very simple. We just made a post in our Facebook page that we've baptized as the "Target Post". Depending on how much the public will engage with it via likes, shares or comments, will commit to donate different amounts of money to ONExONE.

Link: "Target Post"

Regardless of the level of engagement that the "Target Post" will actually generate, commits to donate a minimum amount of $100 to ONExONE. However, the final donation amount can increase up to a maximum of $200, depending on how people will engage with the "Target Post", via all the Facebook "likes", "shares" and "comments". Here's how each action will play out:

Target Post
engagement/donation levels

••• For every 1.000 "Likes" the "Target Post" gets, a $10 fee will be added to the initial amount of $100. A maximum cap is set at the 5.000 likes ($10*5=$50).

••• For every 100 "shares" the "Target Post" gets, $10 will be added to the initial amount of $100. A maximum cap is set at the 300 shares ($10*3=$30).

••• For every 100 "comments" the "Target Post" gets, $10 will be added to the initial amount of $100. A maximum cap is set at the 200 comments ($10*2=$20).

To sum everything up, will be donating a total amount between $100 and $200. The final value will only depend on how much people decide to engage with the "Target Post". The $100 fee is always assured though, even if no one engages with the "Target Post". The campaign will be valid from December 24 until December 25 (19:00; GMT+0). We'll publish/update the results below in this article right on the day after, including the printscreens from the donation receipts provided by ONExONE.

Children playing football barefoot

Donation Status: Facebook campaign (25-12-2015)

Initial amount: $100
Bonus amount from users interaction on Facebook
: $40*
# of likes: 3.866
# of comments: 62
# of shares: 44
Total amount donated: $140*

* Since we got very close to the 4.000 likes, we ended up adding $40 instead of $30

Images attesting our donation to ONEXONE:

Facebook post/campaign performance, after crossing the deadline:

Facebook Target Post engagement - Christmas donation 2015

Donation proof receipt I (Click to enlarge):

Donation mail receipt proof 1, in 2015

Donation proof receipt II (Click to enlarge):

Donation mail receipt proof 2, in 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo next game will be for Real Madrid on the 30th of December of 2015, against Rayo Vallecano. You can watch Juventus live stream, Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad, Liverpool vs Leicester City, Stoke City vs Manchester United, Chelsea vs Watford, and Man City vs Sunderland, all matches provided from our football streams game pages.

Real Madrid next game:
Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad
kick-off time (30-12-2015):

Beijing (China) | UTC/GMT+7: 22:00
| UTC/GMT+6: 21:00
India (New Delhi) |
UTC/GMT+4.30: 19:30
(Madrid) | UTC/GMT+1: 16:00
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Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) | UTC/GMT-4: 11:00
New York (United States) | UTC/GMT-5: 10:00
Los Angeles (United States) | UTC/GMT-8: 07:00

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Children playing football in the sunset

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