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26.05.2012 » Portugal 0-0 Macedonia. Still far from being ready to the EURO 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo desperation and frustration for Portugal in before the EURO 2012

It wasn't exactly a promising prospect for what we can expect from the Portuguese team in the EURO 2012. Portugal and Macedonia tied 0-0 in Portuguese home ground and Paulo Bento could witness in first hand that there is still a lot to polish before the team's debut at the Euro 2012. The big journey starts in a game against the mighty Germany, on the 9 of June of 2012.

Portugal and Macedonia failed to impress this Saturday afternoon after a goalless draw and an uninspired collective performance, in a friendly match meant to prepare the Portuguese team for the upcoming EURO 2012. Roughly two weeks away from European Championship kickoff, the "Lusitanos" hosted this Macedonian team probably with the expectation of pulling off an easy victory that could provide some extra boost of motivation. However, the visitors prepared a strong defensive strategy which Portugal simply proved not to be able to breach at any point. As for Portugal chances to win the Euro 2012, and with odds stacked at 17.00, few are the ones who seem to believe that Cristiano Ronaldo can actually be the player lifting the trophy on the 1st of July (date of the Euro 2012 final).

Cristiano Ronaldo game photos in Portugal vs Macedonia
Portugal 0-0 Macedonia highlights

If there's something we can conclude from this Saturday's game is that Portugal really struggles when playing against sides who simply park the bus in front of goal. The good news however, is that it isn't likely to happen that often during the EURO 2012, since all the teams will be more leveled up. Macedonia managed to close all gaps on their defensive lines and Portugal's slow passing and predictable playing style was never an answer to effectively create dangerous plays. The result was an unexciting 0-0 draw and a lot of question marks for the upcoming weeks.

With Cristiano Ronaldo unable to take a similar role as he has in Real Madrid, the Portuguese Team lacked someone able to put enough speed on the midfield's passing and who could actually find the spaces needed to create goals opportunities. No one doubts that João Moutinho is a world-class player at this stage of his career, but Miguel Veloso and Rúben Micael never seemed to be up to the task in this game and that can be seen as an worrying sign for the EURO 2012, if Paulo Bento ever decides to play with them in the starting line-up.

Cristiano Ronaldo running with the ball, in Portugal vs Macedonia in 2012, with the new Portuguese away kit/jersey and shirt

Drawn in a group with Germany, Holland and Denmark, the Portuguese Team is more than aware that they'll need to raise their playing level substantially, if they are expecting to get through to the competition's quarter-finals. There is still one game left in the preparation for the EURO 2012 and even though these games don't really count for anything except for preparing themselves to the tournament, Portugal will certainly step up to the pitch with a different attitude next Saturday, when they host Turkey in Lisbon.

Cristiano Ronaldo taking a free-kick in Portugal vs Macedonia, in 2012

Portugal line-up vs Macedonia:

Goalkeeper: Beto
Defenders: Fábio Coentrão, Bruno Alves, Rolando, João Pereira
Midfielders: Miguel Veloso, Rúben Micael, João Moutinho
Attackers: Ricardo Quaresma, Cristiano Ronaldo and Hélder Postiga

Match stats provided by
Shots on goal
Corner kicks
Fouls commited
Yellow cards
Red cards
Ball possession

Real Madrid's season is now over and there are no games left in their schedule until the pre-seasons starts by July. Cristiano Ronaldo next game will be for Portugal, in a friendly game against Turkey in June 2, in order to prepare the EURO 2012. You can watch Juventus live stream, Portugal vs Turkey, Spain vs South Korea, United States vs Brazil and Oklahoma City Thunders vs San Antonio Spurs, all from our football live streams section. Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely be on the line-up, when Portugal hosts Turkey.

Portugal vs Turkey kick-off time (02-06-2012):

Jakarta (Indonesia) | GMT+8: 03:45
(Madrid) | GMT+2: 21:45
Portugal and England (Lisbon/London) | GMT+1: 20:45
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) | GMT-1: 18:45
New York (United States) | GMT-4: 15:45
Los Angeles (United States) | GMT-7: 12:45
Beijing (China) | GMT-7: 12:45

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Cristiano Ronaldo pointing at someone, during a game for Portugal, in 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo playing in Portugal 0-0 Macedonia, in 2012

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