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Yannick Djaló

Full name: Yannick dos Santos Djaló
Nickname: Djaló
Nationality: Portuguese (Portugal)
Date of birth: 5th of May, 1986
Current Club: Benfica
Position: Forward
Height: 1,71m
Teammate with Cristiano Ronaldo in: Sporting CP

Yannick Djaló, Portugal - Sporting CP Photo

Djaló Biography

Yannick dos Santos Djaló was born in Guinea Bissau, in 1986, but was soon brought to Portugal and Sporting CP youth cathegories, and was regarded as one of the most promising players of his generation. Djaló is one year younger than Cristiano Ronaldo, but they shared locker rooms in the Portuguese club and remain good friends even today.

Djaló's professional career started in 2005, on a loan to a small club called Casa Pia, but only one year later, he was finally given the chance to become part of Sporting CP first team. Since 2006 until the end of the 2010-11 season, Djaló has been representing Sporting CP, but in the last day of the 2011 Summer transfer window, he got transfered to the French club, Nice, for a transfer fee of 4.5 Million euros. However, he never got the opportunity to play for the club, because his transfer process didn't proceed in regular time. Djaló joined Benfica in January 2012, one of the biggest rivals of one of his previous clubs, Sporting CP.

Yannick Djaló is a good friend of Cristiano Ronaldo and both players are usually seen together in family ceremonies, like this year's Cristiano Ronaldo son's christening. Djaló is also a Portuguese International, after having made his debut in August 2010, in a match against Cyprus (4-4 draw). However, that was the only appearence so far in the Portuguese National Team.

Djaló carrer stats - Goals and appearences statistics

Casa Pia (Loan)
Sporting CP

Djaló club titles and awards

Portuguese Cup (2)
2006-07, 2007-08
Sporting CP
Portuguese Super Cup (2)
2007, 2008
Sporting CP
4 Titles

Djaló girlfriend - Luciana Abreu (Floribela)

Yannick Djaló girlfriend and wife is a Portuguese celebrity and singer called Luciana Abreu, who is also know as just "Floribela" for her appearences in a tv show destinated for children. The couple started dating in 2009 and besides being already married, also had a children, a little girl with a peculiar name: Lyonce Viiktórya. Luciana Abreu (Floribela) keeps starring in Portuguese shows and she's often seen in magazines photoshoots.

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) photo pic

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) TV

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) with Cristiano Ronaldo mother, Dolores Aveiro

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) nice eyes

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) purple cap

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) party

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) photo

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) are dad and mom

Djaló girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) and Cristiano Ronaldo sister

Djaló with girlfriend and wife, Luciana Abreu (Floribela) photos

Yannick Djaló and Luciana Abreu daughter, Lyonce Viiktórya



Djaló pictures and photos

Yannick Djaló pointing his finger to someone in the crowd, probably his girlfriend

Yannick Djaló with a hat, talking in a press-conference

Yannick Djaló playing in the rain, still in Sporting and before the move to Nice, in France

Yannick Djaló celebrating a goal in Sporting and before the move to Nice, in France

Yannick Djaló controlling the ball in a Tottenham vs Sporting match in 2011-2012

Yannick Djaló in a Sporting CP jersey in 2010-2011

Yannick Djaló giving thumbs up to the fans and the crowd in Sporting CP, before transfering to French team, Nice

Yannick Djaló with his hand holding his face in a black shirt

Yannick Djaló training in his new club, S.L. Benfica, in 2012


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