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Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid flash games

Below we provide a few flash games related to Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, which you may play for free and spend some time trying to break the records. If this page becomes very popular, we'll bring new flash games in the future.

Flash Game 1
Title: Real Madrid soccer star
Description: Take control over your favorite Real Madrid player (you can choose Cristiano Ronaldo) and try to score as many goals as possible to put your name in the Hall of Fame.



Flash Game 2
Title: Ronaldo 2 Real (a.k.a. Ronaldo to Real Madrid)
Description: A really funny game where your mission is to take Cristiano Ronaldo out of hospital, and try to accomplish several missions as sending him out of Old Trafford and reach London. This could turn to be a frustrating game since levels aren't easy to get through.



Flash Game 3
Title: Sports Heads Football
Description: This flash game is an easy one, but still very entertaining. You can start py picking Cristiano Ronaldo and take on 10 different opponents. The game will finish after you defeat the likes of Eric Cantona, Maradona and Pelé. Easy to play and a joy to gamers.


Flash Game 4
Title: Roberto Baggio's Magical Free Kicks
Description: This is an old flash game I remember to have played several years ago, but I must say it is quite entertaining. Even though you can't exactly play with Cristiano Ronaldo or Real Madrid on this flash game, it is definately worth a try!

Did you enjoy these free flash games? You're too skilled for easy flash games? Would you like us to provide a few more? Then leave a comment below letting us know about your scores and what kind of flash games you would like having here. If you're looking for more sports games free online to play, feel free to contact us as well!

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